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Steps to Ensure Better Work from Plumber

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 15th January 2017
leaking pipes

Steps to Ensure Better Work from Plumber

As you are aware you might need to fix the leaking pipes or roof at certain period of time

A Plumber is one with whom you can rely on to fix the Leakage of the roof,sanitary ,Pipes etc

Although you are capable of fixing some of the minor problems in the above said areas, however you might be in need of a professional plumber to get it done when the problem is severe in nature.

If you think you are not good enough to do the things on your own you can at-least do a rough estimation about the cost involved to fix the problem.

Some times the task involved to fix the problem for you to handle will be too much whereas in other cases it could be very less. It is always suggested to do the basic work before calling a plumber.

You can save descent amount of money if you follow few of the below mentioned steps.

1.The plumber will ask money from you hence do the things on your own or ask you neighbors or friends to help you out

2.Your Friends and Neighbors will be of great help in assisting you to fix the problem hence consult them if required.

3.When you are sure about what the problem is check in the store room if you have spare parts or other things that will help you to get the problem fixed.

4.If you do a basic research in the Internet there are many videos available for you to understand the problem in a very good way.

5.If you do a a comparison from one plumber to another you will understand their pros and cons. A skilled plumber is better of than a plumber with cheap charges.So think twice before arriving at a conclusion.

6.If you have prior knowledge you will be aware of the charges of the plumber per hour Generally all plumbers will include their drive them to the problem area in their hourly charges hence be aware of that Also there is time involved for visiting the stores to buy the spare parts.

7.If possible drive yourself to buy the spare parts. 8.Most importantly prevention is better than cure hence you need to maintain the household in good condition so as to avoid such situation.

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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 22nd March 2015

I have submitted an offer to buy a foreclosed home here in AZ. The house needs some repair work?

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 16th June 2014
home repair

I have submitted an offer to buy a foreclosed home here in AZ. The house needs some repair work?
such as: missing appliances, dirty swimming pool, tile/carpet in one of the closets, a few shingles on the roof and the wood siding on the outside of the house needs replacing in two very small areas. My real estate agent told me these repairs could keep the loan from going through because it is an FHA.
Is this correct? What does the bank look for in an inspection? Can the repairs be made before the inspection? My agent has not been helpful in answering my questions and seems to give me more reasons why the loan can’t or won’t go through rather than reasons why it can or how it could. I do not want to get financing for the repairs as I would like to do them myself if possible.

Best answer(s):

Answer by ranger_co_1_75
If your real estate agent was a professional, he would be negotiating for a provision that the repairs must be made within one year of closing.

The bank is usually willing to go for this as you will have equity in the property with your down payment and won’t want to loose that equity.

I have used provision several times when buying fixer uppers.

Answer by hollywoodmelody
Foreclosed homes are usually owned by the bank and the bank will not do repairs. FHA loans do not let the buyer get a second loan for any repairs. You need to have your own home inspector (This must be paid upfront around $ 450) check the property as he will give you a full report so that you know exactly what repairs are needed. The inspector checks the roof, any cracks in inside/outside walls, foundations,basements if there is one, attic insulation, proper wiring and receptacles (kitchen need GFI’s),etc. If there are missing appliances those you would have to take care of as well as the dirty pool. The pool could be inspected for leaks, drain problems, etc. Usually if a pool is drained and no upkeep, it could be a large problem later after closing. No repairs can be done before inspection by you or the bank. Please be Buyer Beware with this property. You can do the repairs only after you take possession of the property.

Somewhere on your contract (please re-read all the fine print) it should state property sold “AS IS”.

Your agent really doesn’t know anything in regards to what your asking and the bank is not legally bound to repair or replace anything.

He doesn’t know how loans actually are done as he was probably trained on basics only.

I bought a foreclosure but I had an advantage of knowing more than the average buyer. See Below…..

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