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Increase Your Website Sales through a live chat agent setting

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 27th August 2016

setting a plumber

Boost Your Website Sales by hiring a live chat agent

If you hire a live chat agent for your website, it can improve your fantastic e-business. Not only does it help in your conversion rates, but your customers / visitors also feel they are a proper receipt is given. This improves your overall service, which, if not leave your customers with many doubts unresolved. The visitor can look elsewhere for the information and reduces the likelihood of no return for purchasing the product from your site to you drastically.

The potential customers answering inquiries is the necessary clicks on your internet site really useful in getting. Certain people in total, to see an increase in their client conversion percentage up to 70%, which is exceptional. the needs and necessities differ for the various industries. For example, a travel agent can really improve consumer service by to provide the necessary information their customers immediately. Specific care has to be taken in such a way in placing the Live Help button on the Web page that makes it easy for your customers is to see it properly. In this way, the button can be made in the shape of your logo, which leaves enough room for the proper display of your brand.

The auto sales has great latitude in this endeavor, because this is an area where to look in the rule for the visitors a lot of information, such as sales, parts and accessories, service. If you have a huge dealer to give a live discussion service, which is of different departments clubbing a good option.

educational institutions such as schools and universities can be benefited by this agent. Many parents are looking for information in order to choose the right school for their children. They should feel secure about the type of environment and education, which is provided by these institutes. Placing a live by these institutions in the website, they discuss not only more exposure to the parents give, but you will be able to place the institution at the level where you want to market. This type of system actually reduces a tremendous amount of budget put aside to promote for different needs and demand.

Properties, online pharmacy business can be greatly increased on the spot with this system. The impression of friendliness and ability person gets a kick with this type of system in the real estate industry.

However, today this live customer support and live sales are no longer a new thing be attempted. They were important tools for sales and support. Maybe if you do not use this type of support, you can take a chance, which is missing in always best in your sales and conversion process. Instead of waiting for emails from companies or companies expect buyers a quick answer or answers to their questions and live support is a blessing. Live Chat promotes trust in your customers. Live discussion takes huge costs spent on toll-free customer service, from different companies. And if you are able to implement it properly, you have got a giant savings even with sales and support staff.

By Sachin K. Airan

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Water leaking into home up through the floor?

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 29th April 2014
water leaks

Water leaking into home up through the floor?
My house sits on a slab foundation in southern California. After a good amount of rain, we awoke to find puddles on the kitchen floor. Upon further inspection, our living room carpet was soaked through at the edges of the wall adjacent to the backyard. Our kitchen and living room are situated next to each otherr. We pulled up the carpet and found that the water seemed to be leaking in through the floor. Is this going to be a costly problem (dumb question)? How can this be fixed? Thank you!

Best answer(s):

Answer by William B
yes you need to dig around the foundation and add a drain pipe and gravel
below the foundation level

Answer by
Before you decide on any water control method we suggest yu visit our websites..,. (introductory site) (in depth waterproofing site)

Although you will most likely be out of our work area you may find these sites very informative – they are unlike any other waterproofing sites…

Good luck,


Answer by Mr_Bookcase
Yes it could be costly. If you home is on flat land there is no where for the water to drain but into the ground. A drain around the hose could help if you have somewhere for the drain water to go. My guess is you had enough water to come up over the top of the slab. We have seen this here in Tennessee after we have had a lot of rain. A french drain around the hose will work but it has to have somewhere to go. I do not think you can run it out on the street! It could be diverted to a dry well but then again I do not know if they are legal in California. Your best bet is to get 3 estimate from 3 good contractors in your area. They would be able to help you more than anyone here.

Answer by Marko
Don’t have an answer for repairs. My only comment is to contact your insurance agent and see if you have flood coverage.

Answer by Danny
Buster bare with me here; my answer can go many places here with the limited information and I’m gonna have to assume a lot here. I’m going to assume you’ve lived here at least 2 or more years and this is the first time your home has had water coming in up from the foundation. Something has changed? New construction near by, i.e. neighbor has put in a pool, or a retaining wall, something that has diverted the natural flow of water? If not, turn off all the water in your home, make sure no facets are running and toilets aren’t filling. Go out and look at your water meter and besides the numbers that look like an automotive odometer? (in my case) or however yours is so they can read the meter. There should be what I call a tattle tale. It’s usually a little red triangle under glass. The numbers move to slow so look to see if this tattle tale is moving, wiggling, or even vibrating. If so you have a water line leaking somewhere between the meter and your home. If what I’ve described doesn’t match your meter have the water company come out and verify whether or not you have a leak. Something’s changed? If you have a leak and it’s uphill from your slab floor or under your slab floor then it could have your foundation soaked / saturated and now during a large rain the water that would normally migrate / dissipate to the water table is now added to the soaked foundation and the water is raising up and into your home. Should you find this to be accurate? The insurance company should pay for the damage of getting to the leak, foundation relieving if it has heaved up. Then repair the leak, put a french drain down both sides of the home. You’ll need the french drain going down the low side of your home to get rid of the water that’s already under your home asap because until your foundation dries out to normal levels you won’t be able to approach any foundation problems you may have due to the water. The insurance company should pay for the french drain going down the low side of your home because it will be required in order to dry your foundation out. This should at least give you something to investigate. Something’s changed to cause enough water under your foundation to raise enough to come in during a rain.

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Q&A: Why would a shower head have slow running water and have water bursting through the faucet below?

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 25th March 2014
plumbing fixtures

Why would a shower head have slow running water and have water bursting through the faucet below?
Will a showerhead replacement fix the problem?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Matthew
Your question is a little jumbled. Let me see if I understand correctly:

1) the shower head is not discharging water properly.
2) When the fixture is turned to shower mode (rather than tap) water keeps coming from the tap.

Is that correct? It sounds like the problem is with your (I don’t know what its called) valve that switches between the shower and the faucet. If that is the case, try lubricating or jiggling the plunger (or whatever the valve is, in most showers I’ve seen it is a plunger/knob on top of the tap). If that doesn’t work, you might have to replace it. Replacing the shower head will almost certainly NOT solve your problem.

Answer by Dan B
I presume the lever you pull on is on the lower faucet (like all I’ve seen). Diverter valve is faulty. They are self-contained in the lower faucet, not the shower head. Unscrew the faucet from the plumbing fixture. Hardware plumbing department carries faucet & valve assembly. You may have to buy a complete kit just to get the faucet. But before you buy anything, take off the faucet to see if you can fix it yourself. Get some bathtub caulk to reseal the joint between the faucet and the wall tile.

Answer by Jessica
If you live in an area with hard water, it might be a mineral build up. Check this website to see if your water is hard and if so, use CLR on your shower head and look into buying a water softener. If you already have one, make sure there is salt in it, make sure it has gone through a refresh cycle recently, and/or call out a maintenance guy to make sure its working.

Answer by Towanda
Hard water can jam up a shower head and that is easily checked. If you have hard water it can also jam up the dealie you pull up to switch to shower but if it isn’t going all the way up…you usually have water coming out to the tub and out from the shower. Also easily replaced. If the diverter valve is bad…that requires some work and you have to be able to get to the knob in the middle and that requires a lot more work. You can wind off the shower head and check it easily and then use some teflon tape wound around the grooves of the male part and then just hand tighten it back on or a new one. Then the bottom tub dealie screws off and you put it on with more teflon tape…check it. Those are the reasonable places to start. You could simply have a show head that reduces water flow. There are some real bummers of those on the market as well as some really good ones or it could be a mixture of things. One thing about hard water…it screws up everything.

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