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Why Ought to I Rent a Licensed Plumber?

Posted in DIY Plumbing on 20th November 2018

hand-holding-wrenchYou’ve got a plumbing task you need done for your home or your business. Who do you call? You can have a local handyman on the job. Or you might break out that toolkit of wrenches. After all, why not save some money this way rather than go with a licensed plumber?

We need to stop you right there—it’s vital you only hire a licensed professional plumber for any job more complicated than using a plunger on a clog or cleaning aerators in faucets. Going with non-licensed plumbers can result in serious consequences.

But Can’t a Non-Licensed Plumber Do These Jobs Just As Well?

Yes, it’s possible. Technically, licensing doesn’t prohibit an amateur from doing work on plumbing—with the exception of sanitation systems connected to the public system. You can always try to do a plumbing job yourself, after all. But you never want to trust these jobs to non-licensed amateurs, and that includes you. A plumber with a license is a plumber who can handle work responsibly, accurately, and safely, as well as protect you from incurring high costs associated with bad plumbing work and even damage or injuries.

So, can a non-licensed plumber do a good job? Maybe. But never take that chance!

What Does a Plumbing License Mean?

A plumber doesn’t get a license by showing up at a government office, showing valid ID, and then signing a few forms. Being issued a license requires a plumber to meet strict qualifications.

  • Technical Proficiency: A plumber who receives a license must be able to show they are knowledgeable and skilled at meeting the local plumbing codes and any work they perform will meet those codes.
  • Responsibility: A licensed plumber must show they understand the importance of completing work safely and to protect the health of people in a home or business. The plumber must understand all safety rules and regulations. This is especially important regarding work on sanitation systems such as sewer lines.
  • Insurance: A plumber must have the proper insurance to protect a homeowner or business owner in case of any damages or injuries that may occur during a job.

We want to draw attention to the last point, because its importance is sometimes overlooked. If you have an unlicensed plumber come onto your property, you could be liable for damage done to your home or business or liable for injuries to the plumber in case of accidents. Home or business insurance often won’t cover this! A licensed plumber has the proper amount of insurance (as required by the state) to see you are not liable for anything that isn’t your fault during plumbing service.

When you are looking for a plumber in Winter Park, FL who is fully licensed and insured, you do have many options. But when you call us, you’ll get one of the best plumbers around for the job. Our plumbers are not only skilled and experienced, but they take pride in everything they do. They aim to get each job done right the first time and forge lasting relationships with customers through trust.

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How Lengthy Ought to the Pipes in My Residence Final?

Posted in DIY Plumbing on 16th August 2018

rusty-pipe-burstWe’re glad you’re asking this query, as a result of it means you understand the pipes that make up your property’s plumbing system gained’t final eternally. Too usually, individuals make the belief that plumbing pipes are invincible, they usually’ll by no means want replacements. That is unfaithful: the perfect pipe supplies have nice longevity, however none of them will final eternally.

Nonetheless, it’s a bit trickier to reply the query “How lengthy will the pipes final?” as a result of it depends upon the sorts of pipes in your house and when your property was constructed. Let’s take a better take a look at among the completely different prospects and what they imply to your future plumbing wants.

The Shortcut

Okay, we’ll provide the shortcut to the perfect reply upfront: name for an expert plumber to return to your home and examine the plumbing. An expert will be capable to inform the age and situation of your pipes and the way for much longer you may count on them to final. This can be a nice first step to take as a result of it permits the plumber to not solely decide in case your pipes have to be upgraded, it additionally provides them a chance to seek out the place there are present leaks or points that may have escaped your consideration. Possibly you want a few of these previous pipes changed now—and also you’ll be glad you discovered sooner quite than later when enormous leaks are inflicting water harm.

Galvanized Metal

If your home was constructed pre-1970, you in all probability have galvanized metal pipes in lots of locations—if not for a lot of the plumbing. Galvanized metal is metal dipped in a zinc answer to cease corrosion. This metal can final about 20 to 50 years—and meaning they’re nearly actually prepared to get replaced. Metal pipes usually tend to corrode, even with the zinc answer, and create leaks in addition to toxicity in freshwater.


That is the commonest steel used at the moment for plumbing pipes, and it has been in frequent use from the 1970s onwards. Copper pipes will often final for greater than 50 years. You’re in all probability good in case you have copper pipes, nevertheless it by no means hurts to have an inspection.

You’ll discover the specialists to repair and improve your plumbing in Winter Park, FL at MPI. We have now greater than 40 years of expertise serving to locals take pleasure in the perfect in plumbing repairs, installations, and upkeep. Everybody right here is devoted to honesty and integrity in our service.

Plastic Pipes (PVC, CPVC, PEX)

With plastic pipes, which can not corrode, it’s onerous to present a variety of age. Technically, they might final “indefinitely,” which doesn’t imply they gained’t ever have to be changed, however simply that age shouldn’t be the first motive they’ll have to be changed. Nonetheless, there’s a plastic known as polybutylene that was used within the ‘70s via the ‘90s that’s extra fragile and more likely to break. When you’ve got polybutylene pipes, we suggest changing them.

Partial and Entire-Home Repiping

In the event you want pipe replacements, it is going to rely on the age of your home in the event you’ll require whole-repiping or solely focused replacements (equivalent to to take out any remaining galvanized metal or polybutylene). Our plumbers can deal with any measurement of process and have it achieved rapidly and with minimal disruption to your life. Prepare for pipe inspections at the moment to see in the event you want pipe replacements and the way a lot.

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5 Plumbing Repairs Each House owner Ought to Know

Posted in Plumbing on 24th July 2018

Owning a home is a great pleasure, until your plumbing packs up. Major plumbing issues, such as broken sewer lines should be handled by the pros. But thankfully, there are some DIY fixes that you can easily apply to minor plumbing problems. In this post, we look at the top five problems that you can easily repair by yourself without special skills or tools.

1. Unclog a drain

Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing issues in a home. Being aware of the causes of clogged drains is the first step to avoiding them, which means you will have to do fewer fixes. When your drains become clogged, you can use any of the fixes on our blog to clear it. However, frequent clogs are indicative of a bigger issue, which will require professional intervention.

2. Stop toilet tank sweating

If you see puddles on the floor around the toilet tank after a hot bath or shower, it will usually be caused by condensation. Cold water in the toilet tank, combined with the heat and humidity in the bathroom will usually be the cause. It can be a pesky problems, as it will require that you mop after every shower, or deal with the issues that can stem from wet floors.

But there’s a solution: an anti-condensation tank liner, which costs les than $ 20 at your nearest plumbing supplier or DIY store.

After draining the tank and letting it dry, you simply need to cut it to size and secure it in place inside the tank. Problem solved!

3. Solve low water pressure

Low pressure in a single faucet or shower head can usually be fixed by unscrewing the water-saving filter or small screen at the end of the spigot. Clean out any debris inside the filter and reattach it. Your water pressure should be restored.

However, if all your faucets have low pressure, you may have to call your municipality to find out if there’s a problem in the area or with the line that supplies your home.

4. Stop a running toilet

If your toilet runs after it has filled up following a flush, it could be because the water level is too high or the rubber flapper is worn out.

Adjust the water level by sliding the rod or turning the adjustment screw in order to lower the float in the tank.

If the flapper needs to be replaced, first turn off the shutoff valve, and then flush the toilet to empty the tank. Remove the flapper and the flapper chain and install the new part before turning the water back on.

5. Perform a plumbing maintenance

A great part of preventing plumbing issues is through regular maintenance. Proper winterization helps protect your plumbing system during the cold months, and flushing your hot water heater and radiators are all important for keeping your appliances in great working order. Be sure to read our blog to learn all these essential plumbing skills for homeowners.

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