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All-Too Widespread Kitchen Sink Plumbing Issues

Posted in DIY Plumbing on 20th August 2018

pouring-water-in-kitchenThe kitchen sink is at the center of your kitchen and most of your food preparation and clean-up. When sink problems strike in the kitchen, you’ll notice them right away and want them fixed as soon as possible. Below are the most frequent problems that can a plague kitchen sink. A few you can resolve yourself, but most will require you call a licensed plumber in Apopka, FL to fix. Don’t let an amateur try the more complex repairs, since an improperly repaired kitchen sink can lead to water leakage, the development of mold and mildew, and many other future problems.

A leaky faucet

The drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet can be annoying in a bathroom sink beside a bedroom. You might be more likely to ignore it with a kitchen sink—but don’t! This is a large cumulative waste of water. If tightening up the faucet head does remedy this, you may need a plumber on the job to fix cracks in the faucet or possibly replace it. If the leaking is coming from around the base of the faucet, the problem is more serious and we recommend contacting a professional right away.

Drop in water pressure

If the water pressure at the kitchen sink drops to a trickle, the cause is likely silt or hard water deposits trapped in the aerator. Unscrew the aerator and clean it out. If this is happening frequently, however, you might have hard water, and we advise you look into installing a whole-house water softener. If you notice low water pressure at multiple taps, something bigger is wrong. It may be a municipal issue that will be cleared up soon. A worst-case scenario is your water main is leaking.

Clogged sink drain

This is probably the #1 plumbing problem in a house. The sink drain is at a high risk of clog because of all the food waste and fats, oils, and grease that go down it. Keep a plunger under the sink and use it when there’s a clog to see if this clears out the problem. If the plunger doesn’t work, or the clogs keep coming back no matter what you do, arrange for a professional plumber to do drain cleaning that will fully scour away the build-up from the drain.

Clogged drain line

The drain line from the garbage disposal to the drainpipe can become clogged (especially if not enough water is used to wash down waste in the disposal) leading to the drain backing up. This can rarely be fixed with a plunger; it’s a job to leave to a professional. And please don’t attempt to use a chemical drain cleaner, since this is potentially harmful to the plumbing.

Loose garbage disposal

Speaking of the garbage disposal, if the unit becomes loose—or perhaps it was poorly installed and is already loose—it can cause damage to the sink and allow water to leak around the edges of the disposal. If you hear a rattling sound when the disposal is running or can feel the kitchen counter shake, have a plumber see what can be done to tighten the disposal.

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Detect Business Plumbing Issues Early!

Posted in DIY Plumbing on 22nd May 2018

industrial-rooftop-pipesThere’s no season for plumbing problems—at least not in Florida, where frozen pipes aren’t something we need to worry about in winter. The plumbing in your commercial building can run into issues at any time, and you’ll need a trained and licensed commercial plumbing contractor to help you out with any repairs you may need. You can’t trust a building “handyman” to fix commercial plumbing troubles, not if you want the job done right.

Early detection of plumbing problems makes it easier to arrange for repair services and prevent possible water damages or work stoppages. We know that you probably have a lot on your mind as a business owner or facility manager, but there are some simple signs you can watch for that will help you head off major repairs. Make sure you have a great commercial plumber’s number handy (hint: look at the top of this page!) when you notice warning signs such as these:

  • Low water pressure: This is one of the earliest warnings of a major problem in the water main for a building, such as a partial blockage in the supply line. Low water pressure from the taps can also be a sign of large leaks occurring in the pipes. This could be a municipal issue, but if it persists, call for professionals.
  • Water hammer: This is a distinct banging noise coming from the plumbing, usually when a tap is closed off. This indicates that the pipes have lost their air cushions and water is coming to a sharp stop, creating the banging noise with a shockwave. This can damage the plumbing if it continues and even cause pipes to crack. Professionals can take care of restoring the air cushions or making pipe replacements.
  • High water bills: You certainly keep a close eye on all the finances for your company, which means looking at the water bill each month. Has the bill risen recently without any reason you can tell? This is a warning sign of hidden leaks, and there are many places in a commercial building where pipes are disguised behind brick, plaster, and other materials. Professional plumbers can locate any hidden leak—including leaks down in a concrete foundation—and have them fixed.
  • Slow drains: This is a warning that there are problems in the sewer line. A broken or clogged sewer line can quickly become a serious hazard for your building, possibly leading to a health code violation. If multiple drains around your building are draining slowly, don’t wait to call for plumbers to locate the trouble. Call them so they can keep it from becoming more trouble.

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Learn how to Stop Vacation Plumbing Issues

Posted in Plumbing on 17th May 2018

Holidays are happy times, as our homes are filled with loved ones, good food, and lots of laughter. However, the holidays can place unnecessary strain on our plumbing systems, due to the extra food, waste and inappropriate objects that are flushed down the drains. As with most things, preparation is key to successful holidays and to saving on your already limited post-holiday budget.

Here are some great tips to get you through the holidays without having to spend an arm and a leg on plumbing repairs:

  1. Learn to diagnose plumbing problems – Understanding how your plumbing system works will enable you to accurately diagnose and repair it, or to know when it is time to call a professional. It may be an idea to read up on the Anta Plumbing blog, which contains many great plumbing articles.
  2. Buy the right tools – Many plumbing issues can easily be repaired using basic tools and household supplies. The most important tool being a good plunger. Most clogs in the toilet, shower and sink can be unplugged using a plunger. The key to successful plunging lies in slowly compressing the plunger, before vigorously pulling it up. A drain snake is another good option. This bendy piece of steel can be maneuvered into the drain using a crank handle. Some drain snakes can be attached to power drills, reaching stubborn clogs deep down into your drain.
  3. Avoid chemicals – Chemical drain cleaners can seem like a convenient alternative, but they can cause nasty burns when they shoot back up, or out of a new burst pipe.

Preventing Holiday Plumbing Problems

The best way to handle holiday plumbings is to avoid them in the first place. You can do this by:

  • Calling the professionals to do a pre-holiday inspection and a pipe flushing. They will run a video drain camera down all your sewer lines to look for clogs or leaks that may threaten to ruin your holiday with your loved ones. If repairs are needed, they will do that before flushing the pipes using high-pressure water jets.
  • Placing a trash can in each room and bathroom to avoid cotton buds, facial wipes, baby wipes, disposable diapers and other inappropriate items from making their way into the toilet.
  • Avoid throwing leftover food in the garbage disposal. Rather throw bones from meat in the rubbish bin, and vegetable peels, cornhusks, coffee grinds, and fruit pips into your compost heap.
  • Collect cooking oil and grease in an old glass bottle and throw it into the bin when it is full instead of pouring it into the drains.

Sometimes, you need to know when you need a professional plumber to repair your issues while you play host to your family and friends. When a bigger, more complex issue is causing your plumbing to misbehave, it is time to call a professional plumber. Thankfully, Anta Plumbing, your friendly neighborhood plumbers, are on standby 24/7365. Call on us anytime and we will be there in a flash.