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Private Music teaching as a profession (part 2) First week

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 18th June 2016

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private music education as a profession (part 2) First call

initial meeting

The first interview with a new student is very important for many reasons. We need a good relationship and understanding of our agreed syllabus, things like …

to etablierenwie much time they can spare for practice … they will fill in a practice record sheet … How do you feel about exams .. .which kind of music they like (we have to really pull out) they are ready, some theory homework, etc. (non-mandatory) to do

It is important to review (usually with a parent present) the future students to make the general skills, although some teachers this would leave more until the formal lessons have begun. Inform (obviously not an adult) to determine whether they have basic reading, writing and mathematical skills across the school. You just need to know in order to adapt the lesson plan to adapt their individual needs. I have never seen anyone accepted or rejected on the basis of their academic abilities. You may need about learning disabilities (such as dyslexia) and diseases (epilepsy, asthma, hay fever, etc.) to know that the teaching or the way might affect, you need to approach them.

Make sure you have the contact details of their parents or guardians, and as they arrive for lessons. You will notice that children are often sometimes deducted from the grandparents (or other) at the wrong time for their lesson. I could write about these problems alone half a book.

Try some simple music tests, without them to feel insecure (you can easily deter younger), although they need to build a certain level of confidence in themselves, perform publicly, and in tests.

Pitch tests: to play two notes and ask if they know which was the highest (or lowest) ask them if they could manage to sing, hum or whistle a the marks (not force) Rhythm test: Play a simple melody popular with a good beat and ask them to clap along to see you when the difference between 3/4 and 4/4 of the time understand play a simple rhythm of 4 or 5 notes (possibly on a note) and ask them to clap back.

Create a record file or card for your new students and record all relevant information and how it responds to the tests. It’s amazing how many students have requested a copy of their record-file (including the results thereof, concerts, etc.), if they are going to leave at the university or other career. So records and photo-copy of audit reports because they lose them necessarily, they may years later only for their Class 5 theory examination mark-sheet (weird I know, but it happens!)

Without the benefit of this first conversation with I wasted a whole hour once clefs explain quirks and-half to know my new piano students without, she was playing the trumpet over recently class 5! (Not that it is impossible to check without rudimentary knowledge happen)

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