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Home Repair & Maintenance Tips : Repairing Wooden Fences

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 13th April 2015

Home Maintenance near Sterling Heights Call 586 630-5148 home repair contractors.

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 31st March 2014

Maintenance for motor boats & sailboats

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 25th January 2014

Maintenance for motor boats & sailboats

Maintenance for motor boats & sailboats
Maintenance is something that every boat owner must come to grips with. Apart from all manufacturers claims, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free boat, so it is for the boater to know as much as possible because there’s no plumbers at sea

This program deals with the basics that each boatowner can deal with and the usually high costs to avoid the person who is involved with the hiring of a local boat repair.

start right at the bottom, you will be the through-hull fittings shown proper care and preventing.electrolysis, marine head problems, Y-valve lubrication, flap valves and Joker, anti-siphon loops and complete with a Kit to build a marine head again.

Also covered holding tanks, re-building the impeller and diaphragm water pumps, maintenance of marine batteries, bilge & maintenance of engines (diesel or gas), and many misc. Areas such as lifelines, stanchions, regulators, hose clamps, filters, strainers, emergency bilge pumps and how to paint properly.

This DVD pays again and again, every time you use it to himself to do something, instead of hiring someone. It can also educate you so that someone you can hire the wool (or fiber) do not pull on the eyes when you say what is wrong with your boat.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. ‘s standard return policy apply.

List Price: $ 29.95