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Dishwasher dumps water out back of house. Home warranty won’t cover it and home inspector says he isn’t liable if anything is missed.

Posted in Plumbing on 28th January 2018
Dishwasher dumps water out back of house. Home warranty won't cover it and home inspector says he isn't liable if anything is missed. /u/BossFTW

Low Hot Water Pressure in Entire House

Posted in DIY Plumbing on 10th January 2018

Would really appreciate your help as I'm not sure how to proceed…

3 years ago I had a plumber replace my boiler's heating coil for about $ 940 to solve low hot water pressure in the entire house. We have hard well water and so it was determined that the coil was clogged and needed to be replaced. After replacing the coil the water pressure was great. However, after only 3 years the hot water pressure is low again. It seems to have degraded over time.

I have a few questions to determine which route I should go to fix this issue:

  1. Is it possible that my coil could be clogged again in just 3 years?
  2. If I need to replace the coil again, what steps can I take to prevent this in the future (water softener)?
  3. Would a water softener alone clean out the coil/pipes and restore adequate water pressure? A Culligan rep told me it would but I am reluctant to believe his sales pitch.
  4. Or do I cut my losses and get rid of the coil and go with an Indirect water heater?
  5. I might also try flushing the attached Superstor tank. I need a rubber hose for that right?

Boiler Model: Burham RSA110RH-TB (from 2002)

Superstor water tank

Photos of boiler and tank


How to Test Your House Water Pressure

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 1st February 2015