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Is there a good way to find a company that will let me shadow them

Posted in Plumbing on 30th January 2018

Looking to find a way to see what it's like being a plumber without committing to it as a career


Walked into a service call yesterday to find what is easily the most complex water/treatment system I’ve ever encountered in a residence…

Posted in Plumbing on 14th January 2018
Walked into a service call yesterday to find what is easily the most complex water/treatment system I've ever encountered in a residence... /u/ParksVS

How to Find and Stop Leaking Water Pipes

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 28th May 2017
leaking pipes

How to Find and Stop Leaking Water Pipes

We all know that water is an inevitable part of our life. But we lost gallon of water every year due to water leakage. So we must apply a strategy to detect it and prevent it. Leaking pipes waste water and can cause significant damage to your home. Pipes often leak for long periods of time before you detect the problem. In many cases, water leaks from one area and runs along the pipe to deposit in another area. So here are some tips that can help you to find out about the leaking water pipe.
* First turn off your main connection
* Note the water-usage reading on the meter, and record the reading each hour the water is turned off. Increased usage even when the water is shut off is an indicator that you may have a leaking pipe somewhere in the house
* Examine all visible pipe joints, such as those under sinks and in crawlspaces and on pipes connecting appliances. Use a torch or flash light to see the joints clearly.
* Often, leaks in these pipes will show when they are turned back on, so turn on your main supply and check again.
* Look for stains, cracks or bubbling in ceilings and walls that are directly beneath bathrooms. Water that leaks from hidden pipes will pool for a period of time before you see signs on your ceiling or walls.
* Compare your current water bills time to time. If they show a significant increase in your water usage, you may have a leaking water main.
* Inspecting your pipes regularly for leaks can prevent costly damage.
After knowing about the leaks you need to repair it so here are some tips which can help you to repair your leaking pipe. First you have to collect all the tools which will be needed for repairing, like a hacksaw or PVC ratcheting cutters, sandpaper and a pocket knife will be helpful. Then you need to stop the water supply to the portion where you are working you have to make sure that no one runs water down the line when you are working. After that you have to cut the portion of the pipe from where it’s leaking with the help of hacksaw and knife. Then add the new pipe to that part. If you are not able to do it yourself then you can always go for water leak repair services. You have to just call for the services and they will send someone to your home to check it and repair it.

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