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How to fix constant dripping of shower faucet

Posted in Plumbing on 31st January 2018
How to fix constant dripping of shower faucet /u/blackenship

Kitchen Faucet Repair

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 27th May 2016

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Kitchen Faucet Repair
There are different types of kitchen faucets, but the plumbing basics of removing, cleaning and reinstalling the faucet remains the same. The problem of a leaking or faced noisy kitchen faucet repair is when either the parts of the faucet are completely corroded, too old or if they are very dirty.

How to Repair Kitchen Faucet
Here are the three most common problems facing the kitchen faucet repair and solutions for them.

Blocked screen Put avoid a rag into the drain, slip down the drain of a part, and turn off the water. Within most fittings see to find a small screen, which is available at the end of the outlet from which the water comes. If the problem occurs because of a dirty screen, then you might need some basic kitchen cleaning. Take the spout by unscrewing, and then get rid of with a toothbrush to clean the screen of any blockage. Then take off the screen, and allow to soak for one hour in a solution of warm water and vinegar.

The attachment of Cartilage
In many cartilage type of fittings, the problem in a corroded or dirty cartilage could mature. Turn off the water and put a rag into the drain. Remove the faucet head, and hold the pieces in order so that it is easy to place them in their original places back. For kitchen faucet Remove the spout, you will see the screws unscrew under, then the faucet head pop out a knife or nail filers use. Below you will find a long cylindrical object, which is the cartilage. Take it out and examine it. Check whether it can be re-cleaned and fixed, or is beyond repair and must be replaced by a new one.

Clogged pipe
Sometimes the problem could by blockages in the pipe will occur, which is connected to your kitchen faucet. Turn off the water, and hold a train down the drain. Then remove the kitchen faucet head and arrange the parts in the order that you need to reinstall. Then with a plumbing snake, which can be found in any hardware store. Feed the snake slowly the tube to help the pipe jumps, switch to the snake, if you find any hindrance.

These were some of the common kitchen faucet repair solutions. However, the removal of faucet heads could be different, as it uses different kinds of faucets for kitchen. But the reason the kitchen faucet repair remains the same, which is to remove the parts, and check whether dirty or corroded parts, clean or replace them to be reinstalled with new parts and the faucet.

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