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Choose a home study course to train to be a plumber

Posted in Plumbing Tips on 20th January 2010
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Choose a home study course to train to be a plumber

There are plenty of reasons to study plumbing, and you’ll find the www.studyplumbing.com site is packed with advice and information to help you decide which course is best for you.

When choosing a home-study course, make sure you find one that covers all the theory required. These home-study courses are also called distance learning courses (you study at home rather than in a classroom) – read about the schools offering online home-study courses.

Home-study courses are a great way to learn about plumbing and a good way to prepare for a practical course and, best of all, it is an affordable entry into plumbing.

Most people want to reduce the time between leaving your current job and working as an earning plumber (and who doesn’t!), home-study allows you to continue in your existing job whilst studying at home in the evenings.

Of course, none of the home-study courses will offer you practical skills – and you need practical skills and experience (often called a ‘portfolio of evidence’ of work) to gain one of the industry qualifications.

Although these courses will help you study for and (hopefully) pass the theory side of the course, you cannot normally gain your qualification without practical work experience.

To gain this experience, you need to enrol in a practical workshop course or attend your local college. However, by studying the theory first in a home-study course, you will often find that you are at a great advantage over others when you do attend a practical course.

If you want a flexible course, consider a downloadable course such as ElectaCourse)

For more information, visit www.studyplumbing.com

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