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Few Things To Know Before Hiring A Plumber

Posted in DIY Plumbing on 28th October 2010
hiring a plumber
by aka_zoe

Few Things To Know Before Hiring A Plumber

Without a doubt, plumbing problems can dramatically upset the comfort in a home. When you have are experiencing busted pipes and floods in the home, the damage that can result has the potential to be enormous. That is why it is critical to phone a qualified plumber to fix the problem. However, it is important to hire a plumber that has the experience needed for the job. You need to hire the right plumber for the job and that means you need to apply certain criteria to ensure the proper decision has been made. Here is a brief look at a few tips for hiring the right plumber.

Probably one of the most important components to hiring the right plumber centers on timing. It is always best to hire a plumber at the first sign of any trouble. When an emergency occurs, it becomes necessary to hire a plumber immediately. The main concern here is to deal with the emergency and not to find a plumber that meets other needs you may have. This can lead to paying more for a plumber, being unhappy with the work performed, etc. Hiring a plumber far in advance of an emergency situation would eliminate such a situation from occurring.

The issue of price needs to be addressed in more detail because it is very important to a household budget to hire someone that is affordable. Calling around and receiving a number of price quotes would be helpful in this regard since you could hire a plumber that is well within your range of affordability.

Of course, it is also important to hire a plumber that has a good reputation. Thankfully, the vast majority of plumbers have solid reputations in their field. But, there are the occasional “bad apples” out there so double checking on references certainly doesn’t hurt. Sometimes, it may be best to hire a union plumber since the union would be less inclined to maintain a relationship with a plumber that is less than professional in his duties.

It is also helpful to hire a plumber that has been licensed and certified by the state. This will increase the odds that the plumber that you hire is a qualified professional that adheres to professional standard. This will take a lot of concerns about whether or not the plumber is qualified off the table. And, really, would you not want a selection process that is free of additional worries or concerns?

In some instances, making sure your plumbing fixtures are in good shape can lead to eliminating a lot of work the plumber will need to perform. For example, upgrading worn faucets will reduce additionally work the plumber may have to perform. When the work you need done is less expansive than it otherwise would be, it makes hiring a plumber easier since the plumber’s work will be reduced. This reduces the need to hire a specialized plumber which, in turn, makes the hiring process much easier.

Yes, there is a little extra work in hiring the right plumber for the job. However, if the end result is work you are happy with then the extra work will certainly be worth it.

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Question by liltex: Can I bring my water heater up to code with out hiring a plumber?
Our home waranty company said they will not install a new water heater unless one of THEIR vendors brings it up to code, which I think is a bunch of bull…Their plumber quoted us $ 530 JUST TO BRING IT UP TO CODE…..how difficult is it to bring it up to code? They say it needs a drain system installed.
Yes my home warranty company company (HWA) not the homeowners insurance…they say we need a drain pan installed and a drain line going outside….this sounds to me like i can buy a drain pan at home depot and the drain line will consist of running some pvc …I’m just not sold on the $ 530 being quoted…

Best answer:

Answer by ijcoffin
Local regulations may require a licenced plumber to bring it up to code.
Get a quote from at least two other plumbers.
Also, check with your local regulators to determine the exact requirements.

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