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Posted in Plumbing on 25th January 2018

Moved to a new state after having lived in a pretty great water area. That water is good enough for Coors beer to use the same we water we did, but like them, we did an additional filtering because of seasonal iron problems.

I heard the water in our new desert town was very hard so expected to add one in our 14 year old house. However, when I started calling for bids, no one tested our water. I know nothing about water treatment so just assumed that it was generally known that the city well water needed to be softened.

Then came in Hero Plumber, a family firm that's as highly rated as the others we called in. Instead of the $ 6K estimate the others gave me for a new water heater and softener, he just bid on the water heater install, saying that his family didn't even install softeners, but instead referred to another plumber we already got a bid from. But, he says, my area of town doesn't need a softener and will not install the whole house filter we requested. According to Hero, we don't need that, either.

The guy is well-educated, licensed and bonded. We called city water and got a chart. I can't even guess what you need in numbers but the only thing I can see about hardness is: Total Hardness (as CaCO3) mg/L 2.0 MDL; Average 267.1, High 492, Low 72.

Iron looks OK at 0.3; pH averages 7.70 and magnesium averages 21.81 and calcium averages 113.60.

So, not needing a water softener would be great, but we've replaced stained toilets, caked sink plumbing fixtures, the dishwasher caked with what we assumed was calcium, the laundry is stiff and gray and our skin is reacting to the different water.

I guess here's my question. Are there some plumbers who don't believe in treating water because of their own philosophical or religious reasons? As much as we enjoyed our visit with this plumber, we found that he doesn't "believe in" ROP filtering but does believe that no one, human or animal can drink softened water without filtering with reverse-osmosis. And, he won't install one of those, either. We'd decided against that filter because we live in a desert but I can't figure out why he won't "allow" it as we're the home owner.

I must be missing something here. Can you see where I've lost logic about a whole house filter or a sediment filter for the water heater? If I want to go to what he might consider an extreme to get close to bottled water quality why won't he install the equipment?


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