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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 22nd May 2014

why are my water pipes banging?
if i turn on the 3rd floor shower hot water the pipes start banging.

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Answer by unk
“Water hammer” is caused by high pressure in the lines. Its a real issue that can lead to leaks & damage. I bet your pipes “sing,” as well.
If you own the house, recommend having a plumber install “hammer arresters.”
If you’re handy, you can try installing yourself.
If its a rental, recommend their installation to the owner.
Water pressure in a residential building should run 40-60 lbs. Recommend installing a water pressure regulator at the point at which the line enters the house (after the meter). Some municipalities will do this for you (before meter), others won’t. Check around to see if yours will (it’s worth a shot).
Short of installation of arresters and/or regulator, the condition will continue as long as service pressure remains high.

Answer by steve
You need to bleed the air out of your system.

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