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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 9th May 2014
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I have a plumbing problem thats needs Help! Before I go running a snake down my vent in the rain!!!?
When I flush my toilet, it gurgles in the shower, in the washing machine and as the toilet refills it bubbles up. When the water runs in the bathtub it bubbles in the toilet. It has now starting coming in the sink when all this happens as well. All the answers i have found turn to vent clogged not letting suction go its normal route. Should i snake something first before the vent on the roof, what should i do, besides call a plumber!!! Already know this 😉 need a list of tools and how to do it

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Answer by Anse Hatfield
Your main is probably clogged so any snake you have will not be long enough or you may not be strong enough. You probably have to bite the bullet and call Rotor Rooter. The clog could be anywhere especially since you have so many bubbling drains.

The vent has nothing to do with it. The vent just keeps the stink and gas out.

Answer by Joe
Its to the point to have a professional look at it. Its a slow moving drain somewhere. By the time you mess with it, by renting equipment and tools needed. Then learing the know how to use the tools and what to do. Then end up calling a professional in anyway. Cheaper to just make the call now and sit back watch and learn then the next time try to tackle it yourself. Good Luck

Answer by Johnny
are you connected to a sewer or is it a septic tank? if it is a tank I suspect it is full and needs to be pumped.

Answer by munnybags
If I understand your question right, you are not having any backup from drains into other fixtures; ie: when you flush your toilet, no waste comes up in your tub or sink. When you drain your sink, nothing comes up in the tub. You are just getting slow drainage and bubbling? I hate to inform the person who said that vents serve no purpose but to keep out stink that they’re clueless as to the function of a plumbing system. The trap, which is your water seal, keeps out the stink, the vent IS to allow methane gases to escape but also serves as the pressure balance in your entire plumbing system. If you tip a gallon of water upside down completely, the water burps and comes out slowly because it is airlocked, yet when you turn it on it’s side, allowing air in and out, it flows smoothly because it is venting. So, yes it sounds like your vents are blocked. Is there a separate pipe coming through the roof in your bathroom area and another in your kitchen area? If not, and there is a single vent for the whole house AND you are not having problems in the kitchen…the venting is still your problem, but it is not the vent stack and clearing it won’t help. The problem is unfortunately in the venting in your walls. Hopefully though, you have a separate vent for your bathrooms and unless the house is really high, you can climb up on the roof and look for something as simple as a birds nest that fell into your pipe. You can flush your vent out with a hose that has decent pressure…however, make sure to have someone in your bathroom making sure your fixtures aren’t flooding. If that starts to happen (and your tub should be first as it is the lowest fixture) stop flushing, you have a solid blockage and then need to call rotorooter.

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