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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 26th April 2014
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Why do contractors hem and haw when someone needs an emergency repair?
Especially plumbers. Say there a leak and the water has to be turned off to the whole house. Plumber is called. he says it will be a week before he can come. You say “It’s an emergency!” He days “Well, then, it will be 2 weeks.” Why does he do this?

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Answer by flustered_homeowner
To make you beg them, then they can charge more for “emergencies”. Call another plumbing service. If he’s the only plumber in your area, you may be out of luck.

Answer by Lediy99
A couple of reasons.
A) what a customer considers as an “Emergency” may be nothing more than a “inconvenience” in the mind of an experienced tradesman.
B) responding to a call after hours, on weekends or holidays means paying the technician overtime which means having to charge the customer extra.
It is funny how often someone decides they can wait till the next day when they are quoted the “Premium” rate for repairs done “Right Now!” Then to add insult to injury, these same people cry when the repair doesn’t take long or when the repair can’t be done with parts on the truck.
If the central heat/air stops working that can be serious, but if the porch light quits, not so much.
If the only toilet in the house stops up that’s serious, but if the customer has 2 other toilets in the house, again not so much.
C) some companies don’t do service work as such. They try to limit service work to “existing” customers. But are hesitant to say that.

I once got a service call to check a disposal. I called and spoke with the wife and tried to walk her through the process of turning the disposal with the supplied wrench and then pressing the reset button. But no, she insisted I come “right now”. OK, I walked in the door with allen wrench in hand, spun the disposal, hit the reset button and Bingo! Back in order. When I returned from writing the bill (A standard 1 hour service call) she had her husband on the phone.
“I’m not paying you” he said,
Why not I asked?
“You didn’t do anything.”
Well as a matter of fact I did. It didn’t work, now it does and I will explain what I did so you won’t have to call someone in the future.
“It didn’t take you long”
OH, is that a problem? If you like I’ll go back and tear the box apart, run a new wire, install a new switch (and run this bill “through the roof”) if it will make you feel better. (Grrrr)
(Remember, I did try to handle the problem over the phone, For FREE!)

And last but not least, some companies will avoid certain areas as being “high risk”. Unfortunate, but it happens none the less.

Answer by eurometrix
over course of my life have seen million workers like you are describing.

REASON: lease mf-kers
he is thinking how to get more money out of you
in general all life is based on drilling on desperate people to put them down even more
be determent: now ! or get out!
that is the proper approach deal oly with : prompt
quality workmanship
NEWER: relay on :
referral or recommendation, preferred business , allayed company

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