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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 22nd April 2014
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Need some career options, help?
Im a freshman in high school currently so i know i have plenty of time to think about it. But i’d like to try and figure this out sooner than later so i can get a jump, start taking classes that could help me in the real world. So i wanna know if theres any careers that you know of that would suit my abilities and preferences. I know i want to do something in the business field. I have a great memory, good at remembering formulas for math and physics. Im a GREAT arguer. I like to know about things. I hear about something, and i get curious about everything about it! Im an extremely hard worker! Will do whatever i can to reach my goals! Have a passion to be the best. Overall good im school and i plan on going to college for as many years as it takes to qualify for the larger salary jobs. I really enjoy working with little kids, and im easy to get along with. Obviously this is gonna be a pretty hard question to answer, but just wondering! Any help would be great!(:

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Answer by Jay
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Answer by Koury
It seems like you’re hoping for someone to take your personal attributes and spit out a list of potential career matches for you. I will be only one of many who will tell you that no such formulaic approach works. Finding a career is far more than matching your generic skills and interests with a job type because within each profession are a million different personality types, skills, and interests. I hate to disappoint, but I can offer you only generic advice for taking the next step toward your goal.

There’s nothing wrong with having a plan, but don’t get too caught up on having one. If you were wanting a blue collar job (plumber, electrician, factory worker, etc.), then I would say that your choice of high school classes could matter a great deal if your high school has specific vocational programs.

However, if you want to make a decent salary as a professional white collar worker, then there’s really only two main options regarding high school classes: science-heavy or not science heavy. If you think you might want to be a doctor, scientist, or engineer, you’ll need to focus on science classes like biology, chemistry, physics, etc. If you think you might want to become a lawyer, consultant, or banker, then you’ll need to focus on non-science courses like history and English. Math and statistics are probably important to all highly-compensated professionals.

But aside from that big bifurcation, the advice is the same for all aspiring professionals: take the most challenging courses that your school offers and excel in them. Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses are the gold standards, so you should load up on as many of those as you can handle.

If your family has connections or you’re particularly charismatic, maybe you get a couple of internships in high school to start getting a taste of careers that seem interesting to you. But if you’re neither well-connected nor amazingly charming, then you can do like the 99% and wait until college to explore the professional world.

The last thing I can think of to tell you to do is read. Read books about subjects that interest you. If you think you might like banking, find a couple of books about being a banker to read (Barbarians at the Gate comes to my mind). If you think you might like consulting, consult Google which reads might be good to explore that option. Here’s what a quick search just yielded for me: http://www.quora.com/What-books-and-periodicals-should-consultants-read Reading won’t give you real-world experience, but hearing someone else share their real-world experiences is probably the next-best thing because nobody has the time or resources to experience everything they might like to know about.

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