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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 12th April 2014
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Any tips/advice on how to fix a leaky toilet?
I have a leaky toilet. I had to remove the ceiling’s drywall because the toilet was leaking into the basement ceiling. After removing the toilet, it was clear that the wax seal had to be replaced because it wasn’t sealing the toilet’s base which caused it to leak outside of the sewage pipe. After buying a new wax seal and putting it on, the toilet no longer leaks outside of the sewage pipe.

But now that that problem is fixed, it seems to that the toilet is leaking elsewhere. I’m not sure what the problem is. Now the toilet leaks when the empty tank (that holds the refill water) is being refilled after a flush. Now water leaks and pools in the front of my toilet – nowhere near the tank. What could be the problem? Is the wax seal not high enough and it’s still leaking? Or does my toilet have a crack? Anyone else had this problem before? Any suggestions/tips on what to do? Or is it simply time to get a new toilet?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Thank you both for your advice.

First answerer: The hook up to the water is threaded properly and tight. The hose doesn’t have any holes, nor does it leak. Also, it’s a one piece toilet so that can’t be the problem either.

2nd Answerer: It’s not the fill valve either because nothing near my tank is leaking. It’s only the area by the front of my toilet (the front where you usually lift up the toilet seat from) that’s leaking and not anywhere near the tank. My floor is level (poured water and it didn’t shift) so I know it’s not tank water moving forward.

Any other suggestions? Thank you!

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Answer by erndog1001
First check the hook up where the water supply goes in.If its not there.Then check the bolts that hold the water closet to the toilet.You’ll find them in the bottom of the tank to the right & left of the drain hole.You may have loosened them or shifted it during the wax seal replacement.

Answer by DONNA
It seems that your fill valve is leaking.I would get a Fluidmaster 400a and replace the valve. Make sure the hose from the fill valve is going into the stand pipe.

Answer by bob f
Not being able to look at, first Look carefully for any cracks. I doubt there are any. Buy a new wax ring, new set of closet bolts, new tank to bowl kit, new “korky” flapper, and a new “fluidmaster” float valve, and rebuild the whole fixture. I doubt you will need to replace the flush valve.

Answer by Danny
If as you say your only problem is it leaks water from underneath the toilet at the front and you’re not dealing with any other issues then, I would try a thicker Bee’s wax ring seal. They make at least two different thicknesses. One standard thickness for everybody and one that is about twice as thick as the standard. Price is little difference but they aren’t much to begin with. I have had to use the thicker Bee’s wax ring on several occasions. Be sure the bee’s wax ring is room temp or warmer. Clean all the old ring wax from the toilet and the floor install the new thicker Bee’s wax seal reset the toilet and sit on it as if you were doing your business. Shake your tail feathers some to help seat the ring before you start bolting down the toilet. The toilet does not have to be real tight just good and snug. If there is a lot of unevenness i.e. the toilet wants to rock. Shim the low side. If you still have a leak, inspect the holding tank to toilet seals. If you need to replace them do not over tighten their mounting screws either. Just pull them down evenly while making sure the tank remains level & plumb. I would have great doubt that the toilet is cracked unless you know something that you aren’t telling?

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