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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 30th March 2014
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Is water supposed to leak out of my boat engine?
I have a 94′ manta ray. It has a mercury engine, Today i was testing my boat on my driveway with my hose and a lot of water was leaking from the engine is this normal or do i need to get it fixed/inspected?
it is an inboard/outboard. (i think) The engine is in the boat and the motor is under the boat

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Answer by Ashley
i don’t know anything about boats.. but i do know a leaking engine don’t sound to good(:

Answer by wazzapkid91
if its an outboard (whole motor is on the back of the boat) it should be normal for the water to come out of the middle of the propeller and a little stream of water out of the “pisser” which is near the bottom of the cowling of the engine

Answer by Havoc Squad
Details please, leaking from the engine is not specific nor is “Mecury engine”

Is it an outboard or I/O?

If outboard:

Is the water comming out of the engine cover or below it?

Are you getting a steady water stream from the “pee hole” that pours a small stream of water just below the engine cover?

Is any significant water comming out of the prop hub?

Please update your question with “specific details”

Answer by aaron b
If it is a water cooled engine, you should see a steady stream of water being put out near theback side of the engine. You owners manual should be able to help you figure that out. You think it is an inboard/outboard? How is that possible? An inboard has everything save for the propeller inside the skin of the boat, an outboard has the engine hanging off the transom, and an inboard/ outboard has the half and half solution going on. You should find out what kind of engine it is before you go anywhere near the water with it.

Answer by jtexas
there is no boats having motors under them.

a couple pictures will help us identify your motor…if you can indicate on the pictures the area where you see water, your chances of getting a meaningful answer will be greatly improved.

Answer by Dub
You need to see exactly where the water is coming out of. No water should be coming from the engine part of the inboard outboard. Depending on where the water is coming from is the key to the severity of your problem.

Answer by Dr. AssWhole
Sounds like you are trying to describe an i/o (w/outdrive)

You should leave the boat on the trailer…

…and take dogs for a long, long walk,,,

Was it doing that last year?
Are all hoses properly connected and tight?
Was the motor winterized?

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