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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 26th March 2014

Information about becoming a plumber in the UK?
Hi guys, I would very much like to become a plumber in the UK I am 17 and have taken courses in high school relating to plumbing (construction & design technology). I want to know where to go from here… I know there is information on the internet but it there seems a variety of different ways and I would like to see how most people become a plumber.
Also if you are a plumber what are the pros and cons and is the money side good? Alot of people claim it is but I don’t personally know any plumbers to ask.

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Answer by JIM
The two jobs I would never consider are plumbing and dentistry.
Dentistry – looking closely into the mouths of strangers
Plumbing – clearing people’s blocked toilets (yuck)

Answer by sanmarie
Go to http://worktrain.gov.uk
Click “Careers”
Then “Construction”
Then “Plumber/Pipefitter”
Then click Plumber
All the best!

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