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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 25th March 2014
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Why would a shower head have slow running water and have water bursting through the faucet below?
Will a showerhead replacement fix the problem?

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Answer by Matthew
Your question is a little jumbled. Let me see if I understand correctly:

1) the shower head is not discharging water properly.
2) When the fixture is turned to shower mode (rather than tap) water keeps coming from the tap.

Is that correct? It sounds like the problem is with your (I don’t know what its called) valve that switches between the shower and the faucet. If that is the case, try lubricating or jiggling the plunger (or whatever the valve is, in most showers I’ve seen it is a plunger/knob on top of the tap). If that doesn’t work, you might have to replace it. Replacing the shower head will almost certainly NOT solve your problem.

Answer by Dan B
I presume the lever you pull on is on the lower faucet (like all I’ve seen). Diverter valve is faulty. They are self-contained in the lower faucet, not the shower head. Unscrew the faucet from the plumbing fixture. Hardware plumbing department carries faucet & valve assembly. You may have to buy a complete kit just to get the faucet. But before you buy anything, take off the faucet to see if you can fix it yourself. Get some bathtub caulk to reseal the joint between the faucet and the wall tile.

Answer by Jessica
If you live in an area with hard water, it might be a mineral build up. Check this website to see if your water is hard and if so, use CLR on your shower head and look into buying a water softener. If you already have one, make sure there is salt in it, make sure it has gone through a refresh cycle recently, and/or call out a maintenance guy to make sure its working.


Answer by Towanda
Hard water can jam up a shower head and that is easily checked. If you have hard water it can also jam up the dealie you pull up to switch to shower but if it isn’t going all the way up…you usually have water coming out to the tub and out from the shower. Also easily replaced. If the diverter valve is bad…that requires some work and you have to be able to get to the knob in the middle and that requires a lot more work. You can wind off the shower head and check it easily and then use some teflon tape wound around the grooves of the male part and then just hand tighten it back on or a new one. Then the bottom tub dealie screws off and you put it on with more teflon tape…check it. Those are the reasonable places to start. You could simply have a show head that reduces water flow. There are some real bummers of those on the market as well as some really good ones or it could be a mixture of things. One thing about hard water…it screws up everything.

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