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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 24th March 2014
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Joe the plumber: can he still buy a plumbing company that received so much attention from the media?
After being quoted more than 12 times on national TV, the estimated value of the plumbing business he intended to buy must have surged. Did they just kill joe´s dream?
Do they secretly own shares in this plumbing business?
Is it time to open the “plumbergate” ???

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Answer by mccard27
hmmm….good question. I think if he waits a few weeks everybody will have forgotten about him.

Answer by Phil M
I’d be more worried about finding credit to purchase the business…

I’d also be worried about Joe’s ability to operate a business. If he thinks losing 30-40% of a marginal profit (anything over 250K) isn’t worth keeping 60% of the profit (not revenue, profits) then Joe probably wont be around very long.

He must think spending advertising dollars and only getting a 1-2% response is out-of-the-question.

Answer by red
And I urge all black people to use their brain!
Joe can afford his dream under McCain’s policies, not Obamas.

Answer by Information Police
If McCain is relying on Joe the Plumber he is in big trouble because Joe isn’t even registered to vote.

Answer by Lisa G
Well that is interesting but I think he wants to buy a business and there is more that one I am sure what is too expensive one place you can go down the road and buy cheaper. and to the Joe’s out there you can’t make more than 250,000 a year without expecting an increase in your taxes when Obama is elected. Americans don’t strive too high or you will be taxed for it.

Answer by David in Madison
I sure hope he can buy the business. I also hope he turns a profit of at least $ 250,000 per year and feels he can pay his fair share of the taxes in this country. I see no reason that the upper 1% of incomes in the USA can’t pay a bit more of their profit in taxes than they are now. Rich people have been paying taxes, but not their fair share for many years. All income levels should pay Social Security tax, not just those folks who make the lower income levels. Those rich CEO’s of the big companies should be paying a lot more tax than they do. Do they really need to spend thousands of dollars on resort retreats for employees? I don’t think so. The money they throw away on those unearned vacations would be much better spent as grants to people going to college to become science and math teachers.

Joe the Plumber is a joke. So is the tax system in this country that rewards the rich and taxes the middle and lower incomes unfairly.

Answer by Malka Esther
read about this man find out who is in his closet his family is related by association to Keating and this is a plant by the republicans to smear Obama
Robert Wurzelbacher


Answer by linlyons
most certainly, if the company produces $ 250,000 of taxable profit, he’ll have competition. even Rotorooter will be interested. however, i doubt there are that many “small plumbing businesses” that produce that much profit. depending on your definition of small business, of course.

i also find it annoying that McCain claims small businesses won’t be able to hire people. a business pays more tax on clear profits than it does on employees. therefore, we ought to reduce the tax on employees, and increase the tax on profits, to encourage businesses to hire more people.

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