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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 20th March 2014

Question about Plumbing……?
Hi im 15 years old and i will be 16 in 19 days time, i have just finished high school and im moving on to college where i have been granted a place to train to become a plumber on a high high course for my age, considering my age this course is generally the next step up from your basics in plumbing…its an NVQ Level 2 and because i have learnt all the basics in plumbing through my dad, i was able to take part in this course. I went to the interview today and i was by far the youngest guy there, ages ranged from 18-50 so i was obviously the youngest ones. My question is, is plumbing a well paid job once qualifications are obtained and especially as im so young yet more experienced than most my age do i have the potential to be on a very high salary once i leave college? there is no chance of me messing around as everybody is matured in the class and even married therefore i will also have guidance off of older students possibly more knowledgable than me. so anyway let me know if i have a bright future if i stick to this plan and if plumbing is a well paid job, thanks.

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Answer by soaplakegirl
Plumbing is a very well paid job. Even more earning potential if you can run your own business.

Answer by Matt
Hahaha, You remind me of my self so much, You want to be a rapper as i do. (Saw you on rap section) and im doing plumbing lv 2. Yea its a very good paid job. and if ur very experienced you can make 100k+ a year.

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