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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 17th March 2014
leaking pipes

Pipe leaking from house?
i have a pipe coming down from my roof that is leaking and causing rust i have no idea why its leaking!.

here are some pictures

the pipe on the right!
whats wrong? is it my ac ?

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Answer by mr_fix_it
it could be the a/c,but you should go and see where the pipe goes. if its the a/c it is definitely not code. see where it goes and then come back and tell me or give more pictures.

Answer by ePlumbum
It looks like in might be the condensate drain from your A/C unit. I can see the blue sky so I would assume its been warm out and your A/C has turned on, this is completely normal IF this is your condensate drain. Time for you to do a little detective work in your attic!

As far as this being code, I don’t know. Code requirements across every state can vary largely, not to mention that codes were different for your 1960’s home (I’m guessing) compared to today.

Answer by Autumn
The pictures do not help a lot, as you cannot tell where it comes from.

I would assume that one is from the a/c, but not usually both. Im going to say that it is a condensation drain line from your a/c unit. Assuming you have central air thru your furnace. There will be a water pump under your furnace. It will have a drain line coming out under the furnace and a line that will lead up into your attic. If you follow that line into your attic, you can see if it leads to that pvc pipe. The line is usually starts off as a plastic tube then will connect to the pvc line just before it goes outside. When and after your a/c runs the condensation wil build up and when it hits a certain level, the pump will activate and dump it outside.

Off the top of my head, I cant think of something it could be.

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