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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 7th March 2014

Plumbing emergency…?
Yesterday, while at work, I used our boss’s bathroom, which is an absolute no-no. Anyway, I went number two on his toilet, and when I tried to flush, I noticed that alot of the poop didn’t go away. It’s the weekend now, which means I have two days to fix it. What should I do? Should I hire a plumber, or replace the toilet? I did consider fishing the poop out but I spilled some on the floor, and it’s starting to stink. I’m afraid my boss is going to notice and can me on the spot. I thought about blaming him but he is sharp as a tack and would see right through it. Please help. One flush couldn’t get the job done? What else will help?

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Answer by pipe strangler
Try using a bucket of water to flush remaining solids away or maybe you just need to keep flushing. This does happen sometimes, its unlikely you have unsinkable poo.

Answer by George O
If it did not run over, flush it again, it will most likely clean its self. And stay out of where you have no business.

Answer by yourethebuilder
Some jobs require two flushes. I can’t see you getting canned for using his can. Can he?

Answer by John
your nasty,follow the rules and you would not be in this situation.

Answer by Steve
the boss hired you because he thought your a resourceful employee (so get resourceful now)

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