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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 6th March 2014

is my water leaking!? help?
im 36w an 3d pregnant. idk if i am dialated but i have lost my plug an have contractions from time to time…the last 2 days i have been leaking it doesnt look or smell like regular discharge and doesnt smell like pee..its about the size of my palm maybe a little smaller an when i go to the bathroom it seems like after im done going some more leaks out? its weird. does it sound like my water is leaking? i dont want to call the doctor because the last two times i called they acted like i was slow. so i would rather just go in..but only if it sounds like it could be my water leaking. its not that big everytime i go to the bathroom but its always noticable and it smells weird..
so what do you think?

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Answer by Kristen Rainsford
i don’t know much but maybe call an ambulance or get some one to drive you to the doctors! but you are too early….hope every thing works out 😛

Answer by Skye
Netter to be safe rather then sorry. Go into the doctors and they’ll be able to give you an explanation!

Good luck!

Answer by Alisha Capps
I am the Queen of over analyzing, so I understand where you are coming from…But I don’t think you really have anything to worry about.

My doctor told me that unless the contractions are less then four mins apart and last for an hour that it is nothing to worry about.

Answer by mfranky79
Definately ring your hospital and talk to the midwives, it does sound like you may have broken your waters. It is not safe for you or your baby to not do something about this. As you are also under 38 weeks it is really really important that you be looked at incase you go early and your baby needs help.

You have every right to go to the doctors/hospital 1000 times before you labour. Tell them how you feel about not coming in, be honest with how you feel you are being treated.

It is much better to be safe than sorry. I went to the hospital 3 times with false starts with my latest baby, and it was nice to see the midwives and have a joke with them about me “Maybe” being in labour.

Answer by Julie Lee
if you are constantly a lil wet yes its ur water… go in anway to get checked you can get an infection verrrry easy after water breaks good luck

Answer by Mom of 1 and 2nd coming August 4th
Put on a pad, lay down for 15 min and stand up, if some fluid comes out, it could be your water. Go to L&D and let them know, they will check the fluid on the pad to confirm if your water has broken or not. You do not always get contractions after your water breaks, I didn’t, I had to be induced 14 hours later. You also don’t only go to the hospital if you have contractions, on my sheet it says, if you are bleeding, no fetal movement, water breaks or contractions are 3-5 mins apart. Better safe than sorry, if it was your water after 24 hours risk of infection does go up, so best to find out. Good luck!

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