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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 22nd February 2014

blood pressure and pulse questions?
What is the average pulse pressure? What is the patient vulnerable when higher What is the average blood pressure when taken on the leg? Why Best Answer (s):

yopops10 answer
average pulse pressure 90-140/60-90. higher if u put yourself at risk for heart problems.

the average bp (blood pressure) response is about 130 over 80 There is no average pulse but. If the bp is higher than average, I can not believe anyone would more susceptible to disease than someone with an average bp. For example, there was one person who had a normal temperture of about 96.9, is the average of 98.6, but they did not have additional health problems. I think this is the same Idee.Die average bp at the leg would be the same, because if not, your legs and feet would be constantly colder than your arms and legs due to less blood circulation.

Answer by Pablo s
The accepted normal BP 120/80, as relaxed. The standard range is in the upper arm because it is convenient in practice. BP in other parts of the body should be the same if there is a local disturbance in Umlauf.Wie your faucets can cause too much pressure breaks and leaks. But unlike fixtures, training allows athletes BP as high as 220/110 to survive at the top of the movement. If BP does not reach this level at the moment needed by the body due to lack of oxygen and nutrients to collapse. Begins on the other side of a problem if the body is not able to return to normal BP back when relaxed. BP is normally achieved about 30 minutes after the warm down as low as 115/70. You feel tired and fresh.

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