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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 19th February 2014
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enter your washing machine repair man tipping?
~ ~ I have a friend of mines father here (he’s a retired plumber) he replaced hoses on my washing machine. Do I have to tip him and how much? ? Also,,,, hmmm wonder how much that cost me,,,, He replaced the rubber hoses with stainless steel ones …… Best Answer (s):

Sarbanes Ox
no answer. You do not tip a plumber. Especially not your friends dad. That’s just weird

Reply fireeyedmaiden
it is not customary to tip, but if he doing you a favor, you could gift him a CERTIFICATE, a bottle of wine or get something.

Answer by Dat Dude 07
not when he already Charing you much unless he is working on a salary … after reading the rest when he charges twenty or less then just dump it, because he is retired, because you might have done that yourself easily …. amount, based on what he charges you.

Answer by Thomas K
offer him to pay for a service call. I would start $ 45.

Reply SoccerBoi he
will already be charging you ….. never repair man tip, unless you want to attached an arm and a leg more than your washing machine xD

Answer by Bow Hunter
No tip required. Just pay him for his services.

Reply curt2969
round the next $ 10 if $ 41.29 to give him $ 50 and tell him to keep the change

Answer by Heinz M
He is doing you a favor. Pay for material and what he wants for his time. This will not insult him by tilting it usually for about $ 80./hrSie! A bottle of liquor can be estimated.

Reply Trusis
no hell for what they charge, this is not a turning service they are already free for you to make your home

Reply byrequestdj2003
If he is not charged for labor or parts, then have to tip him look ten Dollars (hoses not cost as much and you could have done the work, it is not that hard ). If you pay for the service, I would not tip him if during a snow storm ….

he showed himself
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