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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 18th February 2014

PVC pipe sticking?
On “This Old House”, if you for a plumbing job they never see them expire gluing-up PVC pipe. when they check for leaks. lol What do you do when the joint is not leaking Best Answer (s):

Honda VTX must
answer you cut the piece of pipe or elbow and replace it and reglue it

Reply sensible_man
PVC pipes is a simple, easy thing to do, if you follow instructions. Straight cuts at the tube ends, using primers / cleaners and twisting of the tube and hold for a few seconds when joining all the help. There is really no way, other than cutting it repaired and replace a bad joint. Trying to fix a bad joint will cause a leak when you least expect it, like when you are not at home, in the middle of the night or Sunday.

Reply scout485
Never had not a leak. If you have to use detergent on the ends, dry and then a generous layer of cement, a permanent bond makes it should not leak. If the joint leaks you have cement all the way so as not to. Only way to fix it, cut the joint and replace it, once it is cemented permanently.

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