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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 14th February 2014

toilet bowls giveaway and make money?
I use to run a business with my uncle. Due to the economy, we had to close. We have over 5000 dollars worth of toilet bowls, tanks, sink and toilet seats. I have done everything in my power can to make money from it and I failed. I’ve tried Amazon, Ebay, and the flyer. I even tired selling a brand new toilet bwol for $ 20 and I still have my nichts.Ich what I can with it? I do not want to throw them away because they are still in the box and brand new .. I do not want to throw away something I can make money from. It would be really schade.Selbst if I 5 dollars a toilet bowl, I do not care, it’s still etwas.Bitte help me.I have tried recycling centers, but no one in this type of material can I use erfolgt.Was These brand-new toilet bowls and do etc Best Answer (s):

seamstress answer
Maybe Habitat for Humanity or other non-profit organizations, the bulk of you to kaufen.Kontaktieren big builders who build or renovate apartment complexes. I would also keep in communities, low-income housing. Places to natural disasters, the need to build whole communities safe again have suffered, would a necessity for your Armaturen.Think big. These companies have come up truck and pick up your lights. I think you pay good money for a rental storage unit and it would not be nice to eliminate these monthly costs?

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