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the plumber is lie?
I had a plumber come today to give an estimate on the replacement or repair of pipes them. grew my house, so that all four feet, the pipes had been cut. Well, it was Christmas week so I got under the house and replaced it completely. Rusted Galvanized PVC cold pipes PVC-C hotlines. i then rubbed on sand and dirt, so they would look like they were there a long time. The plumber looks and says, oh, that’s a mess. I wonder why he says that the wrong tubes were used, I said, Oh they should be galvanized? he says AAAAAAhhhhh without copper, or something else. I asked how, what? he says Aaaaahhhhh PVC-C. why? Oh, I’m just doing the codes of the city. I’ll admit I never had done the work themselves. I have all the standard sizes and Zementeso it is that it needs to be everywhere CPVC or copper Best Answer (s):

fenixcubs answer

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Check your local city and state code, to ensure that the new plastic pipe is legal to use in your home. I’m in New York and do all the major plumbing and copper I still use, but all codes allow PVC pipes are used and cpvc. (Except in a commercial building) Most older installers do not want to deal with the use or learning new methods of water pipes uses the new Pex hoses. You’ll also get a new plumber! That those a crook! I’m sorry, there’s a lot of them out there to say! Stay on guard!

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Absolutely! If you want to put galvanized copper, you would still interact with the different metals. You did well.

Bill G
copper with soldered fittings became popular answer has already been used in 1950, although it had in 1900. Plastic supply lines become increasingly common since about 1970, with a variety of materials and molded parts used. Define plumbing codes, which materials may be used, and all the materials need to ASTM UL be detected, and / or NFPA Tests.Polyvinylchlorid (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), polypropylene (PP), polybutlyene (PB), and polyethylene (PE) can be allowed by code for certain purposes. PVC / CPVC are rigid plastic pipes similar to PVC drain pipes but with thicker walls introduced to deal with municipal water pressure to 1970. PVC should be used only cold water or ventilation. CPVC can be used for hot and cold water supply. The connections are with primers and solvent cements as required by code gemacht.Ich suppose the tubes you used to be speced by your local codes. You can use your county building inspector look at the work and tell you whether it until Code.Einige “standard” sizes do not meet code in your Nähe.Sie can a dishonest contractor and / or you may not meet code.

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Would you like brain surgery on your aunt or computer dignostics to lead a new car? If you need to replumb your house, take some time for yourself, to educate the local and national regulations and standards. There is a reason that CPVC instead of PVC, and copper is far better, all plastic products. Copper as the metal inhibits bacterial growth course, their stronger and more reliable. At least you made the galvinzed pipes. I guess “can do attitude” your, and the desire to save money. Maybe instead of saying ‘it’s a mess, “can the plumber, why can explain a little better. If everything works, and no one is sick, and do not break the pipes, and the city plumbing inspector does’nt find out i think it was ok.

Answer by Mark H That said about me … I’ve seen both used, I myself am not a fan of the guy cpvc I prefer copper as always craves his code and the three solvents (cleaners, primer, glue) as you should not have a problem check with your local city when his code.Could were the guys preference, some people have their favorites and least favorites to work simmers when it mattered, you can use copper and zinc to make sure that they
separated by a dielectric union

Answer by Steve G You were lying to him -. why should he not lie to
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