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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 4th February 2014

Either my water broke / leaking or I have the crazy pregnant? …
I am 36 weeks and 5 days schwanger.Letzte night I was lying on the couch and felt some water come on my leg / crotch area. It was not watery-like discharge, it felt definitely like water and had no odor or color. I stood up and a few more trickled and trickled out all the way to the bathroom, but never gushed or seemed like it was safe to break my water like in the movies. (Sorry this is getting long) I went to bed lastnite because it had stopped leaking for a while, and I was this morning with some more trickling down my leg and awakened in my underwear. Now today I have not really leaking more significant morning, just a little bit here and da.Der only catch, which makes it hard for me to what to do, is that I’ve been using EPO (evening primrose oil) at night used to my cervix thin / to pay for about 12 days. I could not tell if I was this morning leaking EPO or only when there is more amniotic fluid, BUT lastnite when it trickled down the first time I had not put any EPA noch.Auch I have worked with and increased amount of dull low back pain pain and give Braxton-Hicks contractions, since right before everything started lastnite.SO has to break my water, I’m leaking, or is it something else completely different and I’m just crazy officiallyy of pregnancy so long? * sorry, was really long. I know I can / should my doctor or L & D call, but I wanted a few opinions before I do that, I’m waiting for my man at home in the first Stelle.Ich’m also wondering: if enough came in every the 2 times I would still be leaking or not? … I know, I know, go get it checked out … *** So I went yesterday afternoon and it’s not my waters. You have nothing that could have been there to say, but luckily I do not have the snotty to get L & D nurses. **** Best Answer (s):

Answer by Sandy
Sounds to me like you are leaking. the same thing happened, my cousin and she was not sure what was going on, and that’s what it was then. sounds like you’re on your way! Congratulations to you. if you go to the hospital, they have a test to do to ensure that what was leaking. they can get the sample from the vagina, so do not worry if it no longer drips. Fortunately, ya!

response of diamond ~ It’s a Boy!
Now that you started not use any of the EPA before u leaking I would assume that it leaves something out of the body. I would the doctor b / c it can be very very dangerous if you are leaking amniotic fluid and that is what your baby needs to survive now have anrufen.Ich of women at some point leak a little pee when they go to the bathroom, but if it does not smell like pee more water, I would call your doctor, and chances are they will want you to come, is one to be verified.

Answer by Ale
It could have your water break. It does not always gush. You should probably go to the hospital, and because after the water breaks can examine your baby is prone to infection.

response from maternity is cool!
Okay, first of all I would like my fingers shake for trying to induce by the work primrose oil at 36 weeks, it is too early BAD Mommy! Secondly, you are fine, and your water does not to break. If your water was broken, even a slow leak, it would leak out of you every time you walked, coughed or moved, and yes, even up to more than it would have come out. If you would call L & D, they would tell you, a maxi pad when filled to the brim in an hour, then to have a slow leak, and to come on and on down. But since you said that it is stopped at a point, you do not have a Leck.gegen end of your vagina changes shape and how bad it might be, you get urine in the vagina and every time you put pee, and it is almost impossible for them all out. Some doctors recommend swing on the toilet after you pee and leaned forward, but this is becoming increasingly difficult as you progress. The best thing you can do is wear a pad to absorb and wait another 2-4 weeks for the little ones to arrive.

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