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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 29th January 2014

What are the chances of 000 for home repairs?
My mother’s house is to be repaired, but it does not have the money to pay for it. It is a 25 year old, two-story house. The roof has never been replaced and some of the rotten wood. Is there a way to get help for paying for the repair Best Answer (s):

falsi fiable
chances are near 0% answer. One makes the tasks of the property and paying for your own repairs. A 25-year-old house is quite young, but certainly a new roof and painting after that would take a long time.

godged Reply
Help? As in someone gave her $ 50,000 for home repairs? Nein.Mama goes to the bank to see if they qualify for a loan for the repairs.

Answer by Aaron
when you talk about a free hand, absolutely not, but if you talk to a loan from the bank well you do not have enoguh details to your question to answer.

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