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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 28th January 2014
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Is it good to start a business immediately, or we are on the verge of a recession?
It requires in-home repair and a lot of driving Best Answer (s):

Kazuma answer
It may be difficult to make a profit, but in a recession is exactly why you need to start a business. It will stimulate the economy

of cwstuffff
response driving is not good – .. Now not only with rising gas prices

Reply Dibble
probability is that we are so unstable on the brink of recession and fuel prices, im not sure this is the best time to to start a new business.

Reply from Manga
Yeah, well, while everyone is afraid.

Answer by Paul
Remember, this is my speculation: If the media had their way, they would have us think that we are “to hell in a handbasket” and we are already in a depression (more ppl like to hear about such things). However, the real estate market is slow in any case, so many people are staying in their homes, rather than (what repairs are needed) into new ones. Is to keep another thing in mind that the price of gasoline is constantly increasing, making driving very expensive. Another thing is that (if your in the U.S.) it looks like we have a Democratic president, raising the taxes are like crazy, making it difficult for companies to start bekommen.Hoffe that my answer helped!

Answer by Anita T
It depends on you business. If you we make a deal, that was not necessary because the party clowns or expensive wood craft (lol), then it would be a slow process of increasing monetary income. But, if you had a finanaces in business, medicine or food, I can see what are there geschieht.Wir on the brink of recession, we are basically in one. But it would depend on the next pesidential choice whether or not to cure it.

Answer by tony s
Some companies have better in the recession, I do not think home repair would be one of them. You have to consider the competition ….. Could you bid high enough to get to cover all the fuel ….. If you drive long distance and give free bids, do not do it. Maybe consider a moving service. Many are losing their houses lately …. sad fact …. Only charge by hour, hard to lose this way. Maybe $ 30 per hour. $ 15 h with 2 more guys. Feel free to ask decent wage not be. Do not be afraid to ask for jobs, if you end up losing money, not his.

Reply Smtypnts
… Yes, if you are willing, capital and take the risk now is the best time to have the property prices have fallen and will continue to fall to buy things in order to start a business is cheaper. Even if you can get a loan prices have never been better. So overall, yes … that certain industries such as construction have an oversupply of labor in the market. Gas will not fall so if there is a lot of driving, the margin will impact how to repair the house of the demand for … not update most people if it does not not fix the value of home and most will if they really have the economical choice. On the positive side, you will see many baby boomers and older people need more in home service and repair assistance, so that the market will grow as the boomer series no longer climb the ladder out of fear hip injury. Billionaires know, this is the best time to shop, which is why a year ago most of them were moved into cash positions waiting to buy on the cheap start. If you start a business in a recession, you have a better chance to survive and out when economies turn better positioned. good luck

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