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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 24th January 2014

Why is oil spewing from BP’s broken pipe to begin with?
I have tried to research this, but I only vaguely, sensationalized Medienberichten.Was is the source of pressure that is caused to leak oil?’s That something I thought. So potentially lead to earthquakes, like leaks, properly Best Answer (s):

Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar answer
This stuff is buried in cracks in the rocks and has a huge weight on him. If you punch a hole in the rock, it is only natural that the oil should come injected. Remember, though, that this. Well 1 miles under water, so that the weight of all that water is also pushing down on them

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There are two or three miles of rock on the reservoir. Rock is heavy. The hole was full of mud, then seawater (BP the biggest mistake) and finally an oil / gas mixture. Compare the weight of several miles of rock with the weight of several miles of oil and methane into the pipe, and the oil is a quarter of the Gewichts.Deshalb is drilling mud is used to maintain balanced pressure when drilling. (Changes) the weight of the last mile of water does not count. It is to provide pressure on the rocks and the exiting oil. The two abzubrechen.Erdbeben can solve oil. It is obviously oil washing ashore all the time in some areas of Southern California from offshore error. (Some drilling proponents always say that if the oil were removed, this would lead to cleaner beaches.)

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