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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 17th January 2014
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What are the different parts of a turbocharger?
I have a 03 Honda Accord V6 3.0l VTEC and I want a charging turbocharger put on it my question what are different parts, as im looking for part looking to buy a part, since I do not have a $ 500 up to her time to spend parts of a turbocharger kit everything needed for instilling Best Answer (s):

by John G
body, manifold, wastegate, wheel, intercooler and plumbing parts reply. You also need to change your cars injection system, air management and increases the use of your fuel pump. This is not really a budget-conscious upgrade. Piece by piece is about 2 large cost far. If this upgrade is out of your price range, why not just get a carbon fiber bonnet and a large tail pipe?

Reply trurider t
Oh my God here we go again. Basically think you can screw only on a turbo and it is to improve the performance. Do not worry about the other 60 to 100 items that you need to change pump injectors pipes – cam, clutch – piston – it inter-Kühler.Tut piece by piece – to a specialist that will fit the right parts and make any necessary changes and motor hand it – you will cut the power in half and ruin the engine very quickly – unless you have $ 30,000 to spend on re-mapping on a Rollenprüfstand.Sie want to improve your car – start by serving it right. Fresh oil – New plugs and filters and a bit of remapping could add 10%, slightly

Answer by Old Man Dirt
The first thing you need to do is to find. a good forum with a turbocharged Honda Accord V6 beschäftigt.Ein principle has the exhaust manifold, downpipe (exhaust), turbocharger, wastegate and blow. ! A way must be working to the compressed air to the intake manifold erhalten.Die, downpipe and turbocharger, all identical, even for a “roll your own” $ 500 is not: you will get weit.Jetzt is the reason why you need to find an Accord forum is that you need to figure out how to deal with idle air and what injectors are needed if you want to go big boost. One principle could be good for 3 lbs. to increase. In addition, you are in a need for engine management and fuel management systems suchen.Ich have a role in your own Miata turbo, and believe me a kit that has all the bugs worked out (5000 dollar range) reliably solve a lot of problems and earlier on the road. A roll your own can take a week to install and train. If the car is not off the road for a week and start put 40 hours into the project at a time-not!

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