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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 6th January 2014
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How can we repair a hole in an HVAC pipe?
My husband accidentally drilled a small hole through a copper tube which is for the HVAC unit. If it happened compressed air rushed out of the hole. When we stopped the heat of rushing air. He cut a hole in the drywall and exposed the hole. He decided to duct tape, and we turned the heat on again. It now seems fine to sein.So the tape is a decent solution? Because now? For the long-term? How is it to take to resolve this problem Thanks Best Answer (s):

Not a DIY repair response. You are about to call a HVAC company to fix it to lassen.Die compressed air, which you heard from the noise it was actually refrigerant, which makes the whole system work. This piece will have to cut and soldered a clutch there. It is now working, because the band could have slowed the leak, but soon the pressure is too much for the tape will be, and it starts leaking again. This gas is harmful, both for you (when it come in the house) as well as the environment. I would not use this device if I were you. You need to call and this repaired as soon as possible. When you run your system out, there is a chance that the low pressure switch will not work and you may damage your system further.

not fix Reply lordshaiths
for you, you get a service tech out to fix it as soon as possible so that the system no longer cantaminated by steam, as it already

Answer by Mark G
not sure what his let this line of perhaps more than a coolant supply line to be. If the pipe is a standard size (1/2 “, 3/4”), it can be repaired – either ajoint through sweating with a clutch or with a product available at Home Depot called Sharkbite the copper pipe without solder joins. Either way, you have a clean cut through the pipe first (pipe cutter) to machen.Wenn it to me but I would try to figure out what is the line. If there is indeed a coolant line, you might as well the HVAC guy fix it when he comes to boot your system.

Reply united9198
Sounds like he drilled a hole in your sealed air conditioning pipes and allows the freon to escape. The hole must be sealed by a professional and your system recharged with freon. This is not a DIY Projekt.Sollte is not on your heat, but your air conditioner.

response from Michael J
Duct tape is not the answer. I’m not an HVAC expert. You can turn off the unit, cut the pipe and solder a sleeve on the pipe. Charge the device, and you should be good 4 ev ER.

Reply loverboy408us
yes you need to call a repair man heating. Freon passes through this direction, or it could be the vacuum line. these pipes must not only regularly Lot stewed because they are under very high pressure. you can do it with adhesive tape

response of len b
tape is not a good solution. A decent and cheap solution is to find a sheet metal screw about the size of the hole. With a metal plate and a rubber washer and the screw, which should be a proper solution.

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