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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 31st December 2013

how much it is to repair water heater?
also we had a problem leaking hot water in the bath was that the cause is not with hot water, it is to be the weater heater? If so, how much you think it cost to repair them, because were on a tight budget and its pretty difficult to pay for things, because we have the house paid off and stuff bekommen.gut we fix the leak, but it is cold Best Answer (s):

nreeltime answer
If your faucet is leaking in the bath, and you have no hot water anywhere else, must be a great drip.You will probably need to replace the seats be and washers (do maybe cold side), the parts are not expensive, but if you do not have the right tools, you do not try it.This is not a job for a do-it-yourselfer, you will probably need plumber.That one where the money comes in.

Jason answer
If it is leaking water in the bathtub. It’s probably not the hot water heater. It is more than likely a leaky valve in the tub. This could cause hot water to run continuously, use all of your hot water, run your electric or gas bill and wasting a lot of water.If the problem is the water heater, the cost varies greatly depending on the problem. Could some pipes and valves need to be replaced or the entire water heater. Your costs may depend on the cost of labor in your area to variieren.Ich know this is very vague, but it is not a good answer to this question.

Answer by Lucas H
for me it sounds like you have a bad valve on the tub, especially the hot water valve .. You would know if it if the rest of the water decreases fittings and what not, were not always had all the hot water or hot water problems, the water heater. If your hot water heater, chances are replacing it cheaper and smarter because a new one is much more energy efficient than the old one, ofsetting no cost savings for fixing the old, not to mention there is a warranty that is good for at least one year .

Reply Fordman
Since the leak is fixed now, there are a few options left. If your heater is gas, this could be the pilot light. If there is a Elelctric heating, then you may have a bad heatin element or the circuit breaker tripped. If you are familiar with the current job, then you can replace the heating element itself, most of the bottom element will burn to buld by hard water. At least in our area, this is the case.

Answer by Bill b
I assume not from the water heater heats überhaupt.Es depends on whether it is electric, oil, nat. Gas or propane. If the tank itself is leaking, the entire unit is replaced werden.Ansonsten: If oil or gas [natural gas or propane / LP] the cost would probably be the same. Replacement of the burner would probably be suspicious. You get to rubberized and clogged. Expect anywhere from $ 100 -. $ 200 If the whole assembly needs replaced [the “weapon” called] you are looking for $ 250 – $ 400 depending on the brand / Modell.Elektrische kettle are much easier. Two things can cause to fail the heating, a bad thermostat or the heating elements. With a few tools and some basic electrical knowledge, a beginner this can for less than $ 75 worth of parts replaced and a special element tool [this under the assumption that the heating has 2-4500 watt elements and two thermostats, upper and lower ]. The element tool is basically a large socket that grips the item so that you can unscrew it. If you have an off-brand parts available.The at your local center or hardware store most water heaters are 220 volts, so if you have little or no experience with house electrical wiring, hire an electrician. It will cost you another $ 100 – $ 150, but you will be alive the next day to a hot shower to enjoy

response from Clifford g
It could be . the thermocouple. Which is connected a tube of copper tubing with the gas valve. It adheres to the path of the pilot flame. It tells the gas valve that the pilot is lit. If bad, the main burner never comes on. When the main burner never comes on, that’s it. Unscrew the main burner tube and pilot tube from the gas valve. You should be able to manipulate the entire assembly out of the water heater. There is nowhere else connected. Clean the light rust and replace the thermocouple. You could get the whole assembly to the hardware store to match it and a little more free advice. It’s not that hard.

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