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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 22nd December 2013

What are ways I another living than to make for someone?
I’m 17 and I feel like there’s more to life than just sitting in an office 9-5 makes someone else rich. I do not want to go to college, to work only for someone else, but I’m not lazy, it’s just my mentality. What are ways I can be rich without working for people? I think real estate and starting a blog / website. Can someone who has done it, help me Best Answer (s):

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Reply SuperPug â™” [Uk answer] â™”
A blog is not a substitute for a job. Even if you are to win in all the work and effort reader and affiliate etc put it still accustomed to generate an income for you to live (if only life were that simple!) There are many companies which in itself from can look, but you usually need capital and sometimes qualifications or experience. For example you could an independent plumber or handy man to be .. but of course you must first train and then need money for tools and a van. If you want to be in something like real estate, is your bet choice to work for someone and build experience, reputation and contacts. Sure, but sometimes sucks for someone who is just what haben.So many small businesses so my best tip is to do in the first year not to you to figure out what you have. What are your talents? Can they be used for a small business? Does the world need your business idea? Brainstorm ideas, google SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and see where you fit in. If you have the determination, there is no reason why you can not do it. You just might have to do things you do not like on the way.

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