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Why is all the way to the toilet flushing?
My toilet flush usual right. Even if you try to flush it with nothing in it, it will not flush. You must dip it a few times and then it will go down. Why Best Answer (s):

Answer by Chris
the membrane on the siphon is gone! You’ll need a plumber I’m afraid!

lumps response y
setting the flaps chain

Reply johnsmaint
you have a clogged drain, or perhaps need you to control the amount of water that you can set from your tank flush, or the vent could be clogged, if that is the case, a plumber, or need some one that does not, however, has ups and has a drain machine.

response from Plain Jane
Remove the lid of the toilet and to look inward. Most toilets chain (plastic or metal), with the handle on the first Rinse and is attached to the end flap on the other end. It should not be much game, but it should not cocked, either. Make sure that the flap itself is all the way down so that the water to fill the tank. With the fuel cap still off, flush the toilet and watch out for # 1, which actually pulls the chain flush handle and flap up far enough to allow most of the water from the tank and into the bowl. # 2 to see if something stuck where the valve hole. # 3, this NEVER chlorine bleach tabs – or any other kind – in the tank. No. 4, a view of the mechanism that can run on water: It should work smoothly and STOP filling the tank before the water reaches the 1 “pipe in the center, the so-called over-or flush-valve … water level of the . filled tanks should be about an inch below the top of the overflow pipe when none of it seems to help, then consider this: probably 1/2 of the reasons a toilet will not flush (if the “guts” inside are otherwise functioning normally) some have flushed that will not go out … Q-tips are a common cause, as well as Pampers, tennis balls, small plastic juice bottles, tampons, large bundles of toilet, sanitary napkins, etc. etc. etc. buy the bottom of the toilet , borrow or rent a “Closet Auger,” a kind of snake that are made specifically for toilets. Besides, I have found that pouring a trash can or two or five of hot water in the toilet (let the water recede into between basketsful) If you do not feel comfortable Sanitary do yourself, hire a licensed plumber or handyman to do that and look for you, anywhere from $ 100 to $ 250, depending on parts, materials, labor, time, etc.

Reply sadistdave
you could use one of several problems, however, they are very easy to beheben.Fangen all of us with the most obvious … flapper chain. So make sure that ., it is not too long, if you take out the tank lid and flush points, you will be able to tell whether or not the flap lifts for Bedarf.Flush lever:.. € 2 – $ 15 If you check the chain, make sure that the lever is not broken or bent if it’s just bend back into shape or replace There is only one screw, and it is pretty self-explanatory sein.Flapper:.. than 3 dollars, you’ll know it when you see it. It is the large rubber stopper in the middle of the container. A monkey can change it, so I did not bother with the details. Remember to check to see if you need to get the bacl cut out before it installieren.Durchflussventil: $ . 7 – 15 $ I like the Korky.-Turn behind the Toilette.WICHTIGER NOTE the water, if your water does not completely shut down, your ball valve is bad Simply the water on the. geschlossen.-Flush.-Lay on the floor under the Leitung.Das line-bolt from the existing valve under the Tank.Ventil screws under the Tank.Ersetzen the cone seal, which come complete bathroom, some rags with the valve set wird.-Insert the new valve in the tank and adjust the water level for the Tank.-Put the water pipe to the valve and the other end in to the high pipe in the middle of Tanks.-Place Teflon tape around the top, in near the tank. Screw it in TIGHT.-Place Teflon tape at the bottom of the valve connection to the again on the line to get on the water. If it attract the Ventil.-Turn any leaks, just the things to stop them. .. water., if you remove the water line from the bottom of the flow valve, look into it, if you see a screen inside, you change it (about $ 8) This is a “self-regulating” line, and turns on the water. due to pressure changes. Get a standard line if you have not already and your life will become infinitely easier. separated As always …-With the line, turn the water back on. If you water from with decent pressure, you’re good. Unless …-Remove the line and turn on the water again. If you have good pressure, change the water line. If you do not, then your ball-valve needs to be replaced. Ball valve: $ 12 The water in your bath Fahren.Die ball-valve screws out of the tube from the Wall Mural-Take it to the hardware store with you so you get the correct replacement to bekommen.-Wrap line the with Teflonband.-Insert a new Ventil.-Turn the water back auf.WICHTIGER NOTE: If you forget to take the ball valve with you and buy the wrong, you can simply unscrew the part that actually houses the valve and use it in your existing valve. Just make sure that the rubber stopper is still in place, if you are the new valve in the old housing setzen.Ãœbrigens as involved as all this looks, it only takes about 20 minutes to do all this, if all the parts on hand haben.Alles what you need are tools for channel locks, pliers and a sharp knife. Much Glück. SD

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