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How can I be sure my bag leak with water?
How can I get my bag of waters leaking his be sure? I remember before saying something like trying to define, because the baby’s head acts like a cork on a post here .. or something like that .. How can I ensure that .. is laying down the only way? In addition to smell .. It’s a sweet smell it? Dont worry, I do not think, unless it was just a small trickle when I sitting down and that’s it, I just want to know if it happens again .. Best Answer ( s):

lvny01 answer
if it is liquid, which is off and bubbled it is not urine then yes, your water to the hospital and congratulations broke-get!

If your water broke, it will feel like you pee, but you do not control or prevent it can come out.

Crystal Marie response
ive had two children, and my water broke both times … if it brakes u just know … it feels like ur-ur peein pants .. But it does not stop … it’s kind of like a balloon feels burst. lol. I know this is kinda weird, but that’s what it felt like for me: Dviel luck with everything and congrats on the baby (*) _ (*) ​​

dannah1129 answer
There is no way to really know if you go to the doctor. They have a very simple litmus test that they can do. That just put a piece of litmus paper into the liquid, and if it turns purple, then it is amniotic fluid. I would not wait, I want to find out, because your doctor may have other plans, if your fluid is leaking. Good luck and congratulations.

Answer by ❀ ❀ Bugsey
smell it. it has a cleaner / bleach smell. (This can smell Some people other can not., I could with me) rusty. Lil ‘~ it’s not a * flood * for all. for me, I could not tell if I pee my pants or not …. it took me a good 1/2 hours to realize I was not. there was no surge.

Answer by Grateful Kitty should
it so sweet smelling, and there will be more constant than when you pee … the one time my water broke, instead of the doctor to do it, it felt like I had peed myself, but it does not have to stop and drip it during labor was very intense. if you are not sure that the hospital can with a strip test to place them against the cervix … if there is a specific color turns its your amniotic fluid.

Reply lil’rusty
if your water breaks, it is a blast, and you will be in the work, you will definitely know it —- if it is leaking, you will feel it running down the legs, call your doc right away, you want your baby does not endanger you, as far as smell, I do not remember it at all with a good or bad smell, either or if I am a Lamaze coach for a friend – bless Congratulations on your daddy little girl God.

Answer by ☺ happyexpecting day
I read if you put down it leaks faster …. as if you aufsteht.es smells a little sweet and should NOT brownish green

Reply nbutler97
have you went to the toilet try to pee if you pee and wipe will release the presure on the baby and if it does not have sex with your water and not pee then expire more some time if you have a pin hole leak only in certian posions leak until you know what’s going on, if it is your water and you sex you have the water even more pop

Reply blackcats_and_spades We have to break through water Prenatal classes speak tonight. What is the consistency like? Is it like water or mucus like (could be your show)? We were told that water was especially clear or straw colored. Not all waters to break before birth, sometimes the doctor / midwife has to break this to you. In general, if your water to break, you could well be the birth of between 12 to 24 hours. If nothing progresses at this stage, call your doctor. Also we were told to watch out if it smells funky or has a greenish color, then definitely call your doctor dringend.Viel luck.

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