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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 1st December 2013

Is it weird to work in a male dominated field?
I find myself attracted to the idea of ​​working in a male-dominated field. I’m at a point where I declare my major in school, and I want do not want in a career dominated by women to arbeiten.Jetzt I’m not saying I want to be a construction worker, plumber, mechanic. Nothing in manual labor. Only a career in which men are the Mehrheit.So it’s funny, want that? I’m not male, I swear Best Answer (s):.

No. AntwortEs is only a few decades, as women began pushing into the workforce. Most of the fields are dominated by men for a while sein.Ich would be interested in clarifying whether you are on the field because you enjoy the subject or special, more because it’s not as many women in ihr.Viel luck but 🙂

Answer by John F
No, some of the jobs in male-dominated fields pay very well.

Reply Missogynazi M
teaching, science, law, astronauts, etc.

Reply Sho’nuff
be probably from your fall sophmore Jahr.In usually male-dominated areas is very difficult, and the people in them a) love this box, you do not because the reason why you want to do it, is because “men do it not because you love it, or b) do not seem else can do it, it’s a tuff job … and a woman that you do not have to deal with a tuff job, if you have a man to do it . obtain Not that you do not do it, it’s just that you do not.

Answer by Bad Boy 2
what science and technology, they are probably still male domination fields Or do you think men are working in low-wage jobs only?

Answer by Ceri Wilson-Masuhr
act if you try hard on it (which I hope not do not) and you’re determined … you should also do. oh yer, and if you have the skills and concentration., but to answer your question, no, not at all komisch.Glück yo. 🙂

reply of Spanx for Men!
Why it would be “strange” in the world? Go for it! Follow your dreams.

Answer by True Brit
So what you do It’s your life – many women have entered the “male-dominated” fields, so that other women are free to do their footsteps to treten.Sie what you want

no answer, I – very much so .. I am an experienced, licensed, very talented and innovative aviation technician, which requires working spezialisiert.Es in electrical, environmental and electronic systems intellectual power run and the talent, this type of job properly, and to be so successful in this area, as I’ve become, and despite the fact that I’m a woman bin.Es is not strange or unreasonable for us in what be “traditionally masculine” endeavor as one, but as men do, we need to prove ourselves to arbeiten.Und as an experienced leader and supervisor, makes either a single person’s work and does it well and does it in my (high) standards and expectations, or you are away, be it a man or other Frau.Ich do not play that gender preference crap when it boils down to mission success.

Answer by Thundercat
You want to work in it, just because of the availability of people, or do you have a special interest in the field to be, especially male happened? Want some “empowered” woman who can say, want to be “looking at me, I’m a woman in a man’s job. “Just go in a male environment, if you really learn the skills and well want it. Otherwise you will be doing the field (and the men in her) a Bärendienst.Ein advantage dominated by men in the areas they will pay usually better.

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