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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 29th November 2013

costs bring a 1890s house to encode up?
How much do you know that it would cost to get a house until 1890 to Code? My grandparents house needs a lot of work with a sinking foundation. I know it will be expensive, but it is their only home, and they can not afford to buy a new house Best Answer (s):.

MM Reply
first hire a engineer. They will make an assessment and write a description, or the scope of work. This could be very expensive. Although technology is not cheap, it could be the cheapest money you will ever spent. Best of luck.

Answer by MJ
This is a very general question, and no one was able to answer as it really depends on many other factors really. Things like how big is the house, how many stories she has, she is pier and beam or slab foundation, where you live has a lot to do with cost also. After a few renovated houses in Texas, I can tell you that when you have done the work of professionals, it costs more than the house itself, regardless of size rebuild. If the foundation pier and beam, is that something you can do yourself. You need to find and find out how much you need to raise it, Buy one or two jack on your farmer supply for each increase by about U.S. $ 300 and by metal discs as you go. Problem areas Remove the jack and go to the next place. A slab foundation requires a lot of digging, measuring, metal discs, break bushes and pillars in the floor to the foundation, to force, to increase it right (if you do not install gutters around the house, it is questionable, such as drought and rain it to the foundation lead again to lift). If the cables need to be replaced and the house is pier and beam, it is easy enough to crawl under the house and replace the pipes during plate requires jacking up the floors and cutting out sections of the walls to make it right (professional costs about $ 20,000 for this). As for the electrical, it could cost about $ 40,000 to replace the wiring, put in a new socket and m + permits, etc for an electrician, but you could probably make up for around $ 10,000, and the means that you need to have the appropriate licenses and make sure that you know what you’re doing, or you can burn the house down. I think that’s awesome that you want to do for your grandparents, but it will be expensive. Get at least three bids for any project that needs to be done. Make sure that whoever you do the work is bound to get licensed, has more than 90-day warranty and has the insurance, for whatever they pay to destroy. A few tips for you to danger ….. do the foundation first, as they discover water leaks and such after it especially when it comes to the basis (ie, digging for pipes) after it did was raised the foundation plate as any job is canceled your warranty null

Carole Q response
were there,. same age of my house. The further we go in, the more that needed to be done. It would have been cheaper to tear it down and put down a new house above. Foundation was $ 17,000 alone. Then you have electrical, plumbing, etc. .. Get you give up several reputable contractor bids. Make sure their names connected to your local town hall list of those with a valid license and with the city. If the work needs to be done, make sure that you have purchased cost of the building permit by the contractor and added to invoice -. No inspection issues are resolved, have the responsibility to be acquired approval

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