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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 5th November 2013
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How much would it cost to take down 3 walls?
I live in Orange County, California, and want to buy this house, but want to change the layout a little. If the walls are not sound, how much it would cost to hire someone to (2) remove and repair all walls 15 feet long. Plus I want to go to the kitchen and cut a wall in an L-shape, so in other words, cutting out a portion of 5 feet 5 feet Best Answer (s):.

Reply by michael h
Even as a retired home builder / designer, I can not give you a meaningful answer to your question. Removal of non-store walls can be very complex – often they will have electrical wiring and plumbing pipes may inside that needs to be run again. Labor costs vary from place to place. It can code issues including possibly the need to be involved to obtain a building permit. Moreover, in addition to these walls you speak any other changes you want to make. All in all, this is not a simple Projekt.Mein first suggestion is that you outline (at 1/4 “= 1 ‘scale) the changes you want to make thinking about the consequences of how you go, as well as a number of basic specifications. This hand contact with at least three remodeling contractor (your Home Builders Association can give you a list of Remodelors who are members) which capable of some design work for you (saving you the cost of a separate architect fee) Get an estimate from at least three sources -. be sure that everyone is working from the same plan and a set of specifications – and be aware of all when and whereases, with the remodeling project go Make sure former customers speak Good luck ..

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