HomePlumbing TipsWould your husband you can hire a good-looking man to work the house during the day while you are at?
Posted in Plumbing Tips on 25th October 2013
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Would you let your husband hire a handsome man, to work around the house during the day while you are at? are
Home, and he is at work? And the guy most like to work with a naked torso (But he raises a fair price for home repair.) Just wondering if there are any red flags would be raised Best Answer (s):.

response of Canadian Snow Bunny
my husband did not want to, but he says it is safe to me but not so much with the guy – you know what that means, as well as I do and as if I’m a damsel in distress is not in a position to me roflmao!

Reply by ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ HONESTY RULES
Yep, but I’m also handle such This sucks ♥

response of Jello
hmmm do not know. never happened. my thinking is that I should have hired good looking outside help around the house. maybe my ex husband would’ve been some concern and to help more. but as it was, I was a do it yourself kind of gal! ha!

Reply by anonymous25
mine do not be ok with it. How would you feel if it were the other way around and he had a hot girl walking around half naked? Think of it this way.

Reply Onetoplay My husband says not a chance in hell. He says men are dogs

Reply csscmom -. Mom of 4 My husband I would not care, because he trusts me and he would not have to do the work 🙂 But seriously, the men have scantily clad woman to see all the time – why not look at women? No one is doing anything but looking, so I do not get it in a large Sache.EDIT: To anonymous, really would not matter if a half naked girl had to – I would be grateful that I was not to clean! After all, I trust my husband implicitly.

response of apricot lovers
He probably would not mind if it was like a day job, but I won ‘t do it out of respect for my husband.

Answer given by Mrs Heather Schabby
Yes, my husband would absolutely not allow it ist.Dann jealous again, I would not allow a woman to work in our House to join in a bikini while he is here, either. 😉

answer of 4 seasons
I hope my husband that I have complete self control and know that I was looking don ‘t care how good the guy> > I would never do something like that behind his back. So what good is that somebody looking for?

Reply Javier169
Would your husband to hire a hot girl with beautiful breasts to work the house shirtless all day while you are allowed at work? I mean … simple answers to these questions are asked … teh shoe on the other foor … how would it make you feel? Then there is the answer

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