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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 16th October 2013

I had a ring in the toilet while it was flushing. Is there a way to retrieve it?
It’s my favorite ring and it went into the toilet! Is it possible for me to get it back with a piston or something Best Answer (s):

Reply by Chelsey
Nope, same thing happened sorry.das mir.außer i was in a shower: [

reply by Sarah
if you do not worry about your wedding ring not

Reply Live0utLoud
oooh, this is not good, I do not think the piston will help. u have to go into the sewers and find it

childish response of
have to kiss goodbye

answer by Crystal G
most likely not … u could call a plumber … if the ring is not expensive, I would not bother. the plumber will probably cost more than the ring lol.

Reply iliana
you should start ready for the funeral …

response from Nick
You could call your local plumming service and see if they could do it for reasons other than that if you have insurance you could see if it would replace.

Reply juanita4653
it’s gone, it might be stuck somewhere in the lines-but you’d have to tear up your entire system if it was not a wedding or engagement ring I would go back to the store you got it from and try to buy another if it’s your fav sorry

Reply llittle mama was
Get a really strong magnet and tie it on a heavy cord or rope and lower it down the toilet, maybe you can remove the plug from the stack pipe, it can in this way, it is just now rinsing send it on to unten.Sie in the basement and perhaps you will find it so.

have Reply Chafemasterj
If it is a ring that you wouldn `t be a problem to spend some money, don` t use anything to get in the house .. (Toilets, sinks, dishwasher .. etc). Morning to track down a good sewer inspection company. They have small cameras that they can be run through the system to see whether they can locate your ring. Many companies have sewer rods these cameras as good.But like I said … Avoid everything in house. The more the farther and farther you go from the ring …. Good luck to you!

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