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How can I get this to work after graduating from high school?
I really want to become a construction manager when I get older and eventually get a top Construction Management. Unfortunately, I do not know how to prepare myself for these jobs, after seeing the high school. Is anyone familiar with what college should I go? What degrees or licenses do I need? Many thanks I have CAD drawing I made and now I’m in a Drafting Architecture II class Best Answer (s):

reply by Joe Rockhead
I would suspect that a degree in Civil Engineering and an MBA would be a good start sein.Sie should the EIT exam during your final year of school, so you have a PE license after 10 years of experience.

can get answer quiksilver_707
At my school they have a major upstart for “Construction Management” and they are always a lot of money. You should look into some good schools and are looking for a degree – I do not think you could be very high up there with only a high school diploma, but I could be wrong

reply. enginerd
well it depends, there are several, but the most obvious route is a degree in civil engineering there are many colleges with decent engineering programs fortune

Reply lyricbrodie
conversation with a career counselor at a university. that’s their job

response of TN Seeker
start by working construction, maybe on summer vacation. Get to know the different facets of construction. Select a field, general contracting, electrical engineering, architectural, plumbing, and so on. See if you can get into some CAD (Computer Aided Design) classes. Learn from the ground up. Literally, there are a lot of work that may need to go into the ground in front of the building. Geology class would be helpful. To be a “superintendent” with a construction company, the chances are very high that you would have to start at a lower level until you are certified in some construction discipline. Once you are a craftsman, then you may be able to monitor his other, first as a team leader or supervisor. Then, when your big promise is detected, then you can have the opportunity to supervise some small job on your own. Then work up to larger projects. Technology should figure out your plans and then you’re going to consider not so many steps. I think it is generally better paid and clean work.

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