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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 28th September 2013

what causes the water to bubble in your radiator and resevoir.?
a neon. Car runs fine for a few hours, then the water starts to bubble in my resevoir leaks and overheating from the resevoir and car. Mechanic says head gakset but I have to be sure Best Answer (s):.

need to carry out your cooling to veryfi Sistem a block test and pressure test, if your head gasket is bad, that his fans come on and check thermostat for glue.

Reply by Chad R
go to Walmart and buy a coolant tester to see if your coolant to the parr could be a small problem, but it could be the head gasket. If it flush and replace the coolant and do the test again. the testers are less than U.S. $ 2

Reply mrbungle650
a hyrdrometer and check your coolant mixture …. If it is mainly water …. Water has a lower boiling point than the coolant under pressure .. this could be the problem sein.oder even a bad water pump … Coolant is not circulating … Engine overheating and coolant boils … everyone always blames the head gasket … it’s so funny! do a compression test … that’ll tell you if your headgaskets bad recht.oder take your caps off and crank the engine … if water shoots out then you have a bad head gasket? also a cooling system pressure test is as important

Reply mack2of3
could be your thermostat, this is the first thing i check d

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