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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 9th September 2013

How much would it cost to put a shower in a bathroom?
I’m moving in a few weeks and I want to turn the bathroom into a bath, but only for a few hundred dollars. Can it be done, it is a bath, a shower, and I want to add it Best Answer (s):.

Reply garrek
Let me get this straight – you want to add a bathtub to an existing shower If you are thinking about hiring someone in this economy – you will probably find someone willing to do the work for really cheap. Look on Craig’s List or so etwas.Günstigstes tub is like $ 130 + $ 60 to $ 80 for other hardware + a few new replacement tiles + $ 200 to 600 (if you can find matching tile) for work depending on luck . So, yes, it can be done for a few hundred werden.GL

Reply rlbendele1
No, Drain with new pipelines, water. Permits, wall coverings, tile or fiberglass, you have to pay $ 3000 to $ 10.000.Leider ……

Answer by rob s
Sorry, even if you DIY the material solely for a fiberglass pan and surround is close to a $ 1000. This wouldn t even have a bathtub, only a shower. Plus all the etc.Then plumbing supplies wholesaler you’ll most likely have new flooring … GL

Reply by JoeC
I’ve done this. It was not easy, since most toilets are not large enough to do this without moving things around and that’s it on the 1st Floor with a cellar below that allows you to get in the bathroom. Online you will find prefab shower stalls (including big box hardware stores), but not for less than a thousand plus the plumbing. You could just buy your own shower and the floor pan (in most building big box stores). To do this, you need to be able to do basic carpentry and basic sanitation. It is not difficult, but you need to get to the library and read up before you try it and then plan everything in detail before you get a hammer. The job that I tasted about 1700 do all the work with me, but it works. If you know someone with carpentry or plumbing, it is practical to help.

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