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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 30th August 2013

Has a brick in the toilet to reduce the force of the flush?
I have heard it is recommended that people should put a stone in the back of their toilet, so it takes less water to fill the cistern, but less water means a less powerful flush? My toilet already has the world’s wimpiest flush (on bad days, press the switch lightly stir the contents of the bowl), and I do not know warum.Zweitens: If a stone is good, not two bricks better Best Answer (s):

Reply by linlyons
– you will want to check your toilet. It may be that the opening at the bottom, where water is to be blocked in the case of spraying. Maybe you could snake it and fix it. on the other hand, I have a toilet that has not been done properly and that the channel was seen permanently banned. it was nothing to do but replace the bowl -. A tile on the floor of the container is very little -. A brick up, so that it reduces less surface water pressure -. A brick that go some of the last water repressed in the bowl reduces water used -. 2 stones could be better, assuming that you still have enough pressure for the Flush.Ich’ve heard that the sound peel over time and can clog your pipes. It sounds far-fetched for me, but I could tell ’em in a plastic bag, just for insurance.

response of T-REX Mermaid
The brick doesn ‘t need water, where it is located, which automatically saves Wasser.Männer have the theory that if one is good two to twenty is better! Just use a brick. Also, since you do not know the flushing works, just try it with the Backstein.Viel luck FYI – My husband tried to eat apricot seeds to help kill cancer. He was not told how many to take. He thought that if it was good, 20 should be better. He almost killed himself with cyanide poisoning.

reply by Carol
No, it does not help saves water rinse

answer by Marcia
Yes, by a to reduce the volume of stone in water, without the power of water. However, proper flushing still requires a sufficient amount of water. If you already have a low-flush system, then I would not recommend it. Many of the “button pushers” are low toilets. Few of the “button pushers” are highly Toiletten.Die most toilets have a flapper valve at the bottom of their tanks. Of the flap is a tube which is on the shell. Above the door is a kind of an apparatus that lifts the flap, in your case, this is activated by your button, in others it is lever activated. If your key is not lifting the lid properly and / or quickly enough, the cistern water is not enough in the bowl. Try rinsing and straight with the cistern lid.

Reply by MRS. KATHY O. Prokop
putting a brick is a good water protection, but you can now buy toilet bowl and contains less water and putting another gutim next year – try getting in touch with your local electric or water provider and see whether financing for a free toilet bowl o Kathy Prokop

response from Mikee
yes …….. yes, it is great water protection question I like going green and help our planet.

Reply SilentDoGood
What’s wrong with a brick? They are known to fall into the toilet water over time, leading to damaged plumbing Read more: http://www.thedailygreen.com/going-green/tips/4157 # ixzz0PBfDsHRXBricks in toilet tank is bad for the rubber seal flap when the brick begins to break into small pieces. Better use a full glass water bottle with a plastic cap. If it is a 32 oz bottle, you know, save 32 ounces of water with each flush.

Reply by howard
This recommendation only works for the older toilets. The new 1 gallon per toilets need all the water that keeps the tank (as you seem to have discovered). The brick displaces water, but keeps the same height in the tank so that the amount of pressure applied is the same, only the duration of the effect of Strömung.Wenn not do your toilet, it is the task may be defective. Suggest checking with a plumber.

answer from someone
I have heard that he is the rock soil and sand in a plastic water bottle and drop better there. Stones such as decay (sry if I spelled that wrong!) Or something.

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