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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 28th August 2013

Is the invention of sanitary science and the toilet?
Understanding Science is to support the process of the invention, however, calls something such as toilets, plumbing, TV and aircraft science? My cousins ​​say that there is a thin line between the two and that the words can be used interchangeably. I say the line is so thin. To invent under your understanding of gravity and the water pressure to the toilet, the toilet does not Wissenschaft.Warum can anyone answer my question? Is there a thin line between science and technology? Or are they more defined? When you say the toilet and sanitary science are, tell me how Best Answer (s):.

response by a war on life =
engineering science Everything you just said was made by engineers.

Answer by William W
science is the study of Unbekannten.Engineering is the manipulation of the known.

Reply gatorbait
There are a lot of science involved in the design of a toilet and sewer and water systems, and they are much more important for our civilization and physical well-being than the what many, many scientists on their time.

response from John
science is the pursuite of knowledge, technology is the result of this knowledge. We use science to create technology. Science is the means and technology is the end. The toilet is the technique used Wissenschaft.Es but it was a lot of science in the creation of the toilet and especially in getting involved in running water in your house. We must calculate to be how high the water tower, which has put on size pipes in your house, and what hit against the sewage pipes put all the while making sure it is low enough pressure so that you do not hit with a fire hose to do when you get to make the shower.

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